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11 Oct

Could Rubber Tires Be Used As A Hydroponic Fertilizer?

Can rubber tires be turned into fertilizer? Can rubber tires be turned into fertilizer?

What to do with rubber tires? The environmental conundrum has bogged ecologists and waste management analysts for decades. In Esfahan, Iran, researchers from the country's Isfahan University of Technology propose an especially novel solution: turn tires into fertilizer.

Surprisingly, rubber tires are abundant in zinc, a micronutrient essential to corn, sweet corn, soybean, and cucumber production. When the tires are reduced to nano-particles and fed to hydroponic crops, plants have been found to yield more shoots and fruit, and retain the element better than commercial zinc-sulfate fertilizer.

In order to prepare the fertilizer, rubber tires are placed in a ball mill with silicon wastes and pulverized for five hours. This produces the nano-particles essential to the fertilizer's effectiveness and can be combined with ground tire rubber or rubber ash to enhance potency. The fertilizer has proven highly effective in cucumber test crops. 


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Recycling tires is okay, but turning tires to fertilizer is an even greener option.
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