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06 May

Katy Perry's Father Not Impressed

 It's no secret that Katy Perry comes from a very Christian household. Her father Keith Hudson, after all, is a Christian minister currently touring the United States as a guest speaker, delivering sermons nationwide.

Last week, Hudson made his disappointment in his daughter's lifestyle public, as well as his distaste for her sexually curious anthem "I Kissed A Girl". 

“I stood there and wept and kept on weeping and weeping," Perry's father said. “I was at a concert of Katy’s where there were 20,000...I’m watching this generation and they were going at it."

In response, he called on followers to "pray for Katy".

Unfortunately, Hudson is no stranger to controversy. Last year he was lambasted by the press after making anti-semitic remarks insinuating that wealthy districts of LA were run exclusively by people of Jewish descent and that they "smelled rich".

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Her dad may not approve, but Elmo loves Katy Perry.
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