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24 Oct

Ocean-Faring Hydroponic Pods Grow On Top Of Waves

Sealeaf has developed a way to grow produce on the ocean. Sealeaf has developed a way to grow produce on the ocean.

Can hydroponic innovations get any more...innovative? Design students from the artist collective Sealeaf have developed a floating hydroponic module for coastal city growers.

The buoyant plastic garden consists of a plank, grow space, plastic sheath, water tank, and pump that will feed and irrigate your seedlings as they bob on top of the water. The system relies on natural light provided by sun.

"By 2015, a projected 340 million people will reside in the worlds 21 megacities, of which 18 are coastal," says the group. "Feeding these cities against a backdrop of explosive population growth, urbanization, rising sea levels, desertification and a demand for abundance will become a challenge beyond that of our existing infrastructure."

Using the oceans as arable land will provide more surfaces to grow crops, something that shore dwellers could certainly appreciate.

"[We] believe that while our working urban space decreases and prices can only increase there is still ‘land’ available to us. This land surrounds our cities, is largely under utilized, is cheap, and is actually increasing. This land is water!" quips the Sealeaf website.

The groups recently won the core 77 Design Awards and have their modular hydroponic system in development for market release.

Check them out here: http://www.designboom.com/design/sealeaf-provides-floating-hydroponic-farming-for-coastal-cities-10-17-2013/

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