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06 May

Pepsi's “Most Racist Commercial in History”

Pepsi may have crossed the line with its distasteful Odd Future commerical. Pepsi may have crossed the line with its distasteful Odd Future commerical.

 Pepsi Co. has cancelled the release of a Mountain Dew commercial featuring members of the hip-hop group Odd Future after it had been dubbed "the most racist commercial in history".

The commercial, conceived by the lead member of Odd Future,  was criticized for stereotyping hip-hop artists and concertedly offending victims of violence against women and Black communities alike.

Featuring a talking goat, the advertisement shows a bruised and bloodied caucasian woman on crutches brought before a police line-up to identify her attacker. Members of Odd Future shuffle in to form a line-up, standing languidly before receiving individual gangster-style mugshots.

The goat, intimidating its victim in ebonic language utters "you better not snitch on a player" and "snitches get stitches, foo'" before ending with the final threat, "Imma get out of here and do you up".

Pepsi has since taken full responsibility for the video and issued an apology.

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Pepsi makes the most racist commercial ever, featuring Odd Future.
Last modified on Friday, 17 May 2013 23:41
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