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Coolness Meter: How Cool Are You & Your Hydroponics Indoor Grow?

Is your grow room the right temperature? Is your grow room the right temperature?


Staying cool is important not only for you, but for your hydroponics indoor grow room. Check out these tips from Rosebud Magazine's resident grower guru, Erik Biksa, and get your grow room to the right temperature.

Level One Coolness: Swamp Thang

Water is highly effective at absorbing heat, so if a cooler water vapor is exposed to warmer air, it will remove some of the unwanted heat. Indoor growers use a “closed” version of this natural concept, where cold water is pumped through cooling fins that are being blasted with hotter air via fans (just like how a radiator works in a combustion engine). These fins are very, very fine, resulting in a significant surface area for capturing and scrubbing away excess grow room heat.

Water-cooled heat exchangers, H&M Heat Exchangers



Level Two Coolness: Drain Away Your Problems

Water-cooled air conditioners let growers run silent to the outside world. Instead of exchanging with the outside air to scrub away heat, a cold water supply runs past the compressor when operating, capturing and sending all the grow room heat down the drain. While very effective and easy to install, these require copious amounts of water, which doesn’t always make for the most practical or conscientious of installations. These types of units are often found in CEA (controlled environment agriculture) setups, where indoor grows run completely sealed.

Comfort-Aire Series by Aitons


Level Three Coolness: Stone-Cold and Silent

Triple-split ACs are the Grande Royale Sundae of coolness in the world of indoor gardening. As such, they are excellent at keeping temps even, steady and perfect any time of year. By splitting up an air-to-air AC into three parts, the compressor can be isolated and sound deadened, eliminating up to 90% of the noise. These are priced as premium grow gear. The good news is that you can get pre-charged lines of any length that you can easily set it up yourself — no visiting installers required.

Stealth Series by Excel Air

Double Your Cool?

Show the Fonz who’s boss by hooking up a “flip” to your cooling system to work alongside your lighting relay, so when the lights turn to 12/12 in Room A, so will your cooling. When they shut off and Room B fires on for 12/12, again, your cooling will follow. Now you’re even twice as cool!

Motorized Dampers by Excel Air-cooled


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Ventilation and air movement are key components in helping control the environment in your grow room, too.
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