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  Beneficial bacteria are not a base food for your plants. A lot of folks see these higher-priced items at the hydro store and think, “Is that really needed?”
  One of the biggest challenges growers face outdoors is the heat. Even in climates as mild as Central and Northern California, temperatures can reach over 100°F (38°C) outdoors.
  Whether they know it or not, growers of high-value plants encounter humic and fulvic acids all the time. This is especially true of, but not limited to, the organic gardener because most organic fertilizers contain one or both acids.
  Organic fertilizers tend to be, let’s just say, thick and stinky. That makes them a poor fit for recirculating hydroponic systems.
  Loyal Advanced Nutrients customers may be familiar with a system of base nutrients known as Jungle Juice™, which was previously available as an affordable three-part Grow-Micro-Bloom system. Some growers had success with the product while others preferred alternatives like the two-part Sensi Grow & Bloom system and, as usual,…
  That’s right, Advanced Nutrients is going out to the backyard for outdoor season. The premium nutrient brand has spent the last year getting ready for outdoor season with the goal of bringing you the same ease of use and excellent results that you get indoors from Advanced Nutrients. Here’s…
  Many indoor horticulturists are surrounded by technological advancements as soon as they step into their grow rooms. A modern grow room is full of high-tech gadgets, with everything from sophisticated atmospheric controllers to the latest advancements in horticultural lighting.
  Being an educated and informed gardener today is harder than ever. There are so many things to keep track of: hormones, vitamins, enzymes, biologicals (bacteria), humic acids, carbohydrates and more. With ever-expanding plant technology and entrepreneurship, it doesn’t take your average plant enthusiast long to become overwhelmed when trying…
  Blue Water Alchemy is a company that makes ormus, a product that comes in liquid form and is derived from various salts the company sources from around the world. We spoke with the company’s co-founders, Don Gifford and Scott Stevens, who explained a little more about ormus.
  Talk to any experienced grower and they will tell you that one of the most important features of their grow is the ability to control pH. pH (which, as most people are unaware, stands for "potential Hydrogen") is of paramount importance to any hydroponic grow operation because it affects…

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