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Hydroponics Maximum Yield Urban Garden Tips Indoors and Outdoors

You get safer, stronger, maximum yield plants using foliar sprays, beneficial microbes and Wet Betty You get safer, stronger, maximum yield plants using foliar sprays, beneficial microbes and Wet Betty

It’s exciting to see Rosebudders getting maximum yield in their hydroponics urban gardens indoors and outdoors using information you only get in Rosebud.

It’s nice for me because instead of having to write an entire article, I can share with you the very useful information that successful growers are sending me, such as this from a hydroponics gardener in South Florida:

“Props to you and the magazine. Best in the biz right out of the box, bro. Me and my neighbor are growing out and in down here in Humidity City, USA. We have a few plants each in our yards. They got this weird white stuff on the leaves. It wasn’t webby like mites. I thought it was bird crap or powdery mildew. But it wasn’t. My buddy thought fungus. We tried rubbing it off, spraying water on it. It was so tough, you couldn’t even get it off with a friggin sponge.

So we called up your technical guy and he said whatever it is, dude, probably a fungus, you should spray your crops with the liquids of Tarantula and Piranha along with Wet Betty and Scorpion Juice [Note from Rosebud: Scorpion Juice has been improved and is now called Bud Factor X]. To experiment we only sprayed half the plants that had the white stuff. On those plants the white stuff went away in about 12 to 16 hours and didn’t come back until it rained real hard. So we sprayed them again and it went away again. On the other plants the white stuff got real bad until we finally had to spray them and it got rid of it in the same time frame.

So now we are spraying them all the time, like every 4 to 5 days and the white stuff is gone and stays gone. It is our hope that we also are preventing against gray mold which is a bad problem down here due to the humidity. Gray mold sucks big time. Hate it.

Another thing your guy told us to do with the Piranha and Tarantula is to pre-treat the rooting cubes with them for cuttings and seedlings and also whatever you are going to put your cuttings or seedlings into at the transplant time, especially it’s a sterile like rockwool.

This again is a way to fight the problems of whatever it is that can get in your roots and kill your plants such as the damping off virus. Again with the protection comes the helpfulness of the roots getting a booster so they grow faster.

The final tip he gave us was to use Bud Candy for the first couple of days of flushing at the end with Final Phase. I argued with him that it had potassium and he said yeah but it’s gonna get flushed out because you are going to stop after the first couple of days of flushing so I asked what is the use of this? He says that number one it’s giving you the carbohydrates and the potassium to drive the plants for extra flower production and number two it’s setting you up for more taste and scent. We are waiting to flushing and harvest time to try this trick and we will tell you how it works. It’s all good and in the indoor garden and the outdoor dampness we can use these tips to get us more of what we want, so thanks again.”

Erik Biksa tells you about Piranha and Tarantula

You can get benefits using liquid Tarantula and Piranha, as well as the powdered versions of those products, as a foliar protector and root protector/enhancer in hydroponics gardens- especially when combined with Bud Factor X plant defense stimulator and Wet Betty surfactant penetrator.

Not only that, but these beneficial microbes formulas (along with Voodoo Juice, which used only in the root zone) enhance root performance for maximum yield. I look forward to hearing more about your hydroponics and outdoor urban garden. The hydroponics community always benefits from hearing tips and tactics to get maximum yield.

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