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Hydroponics Surfactants Increase Your Yields & Lower Hydroponics Nutrients Costs

Water + surfactants = more hydroponics growth & yield Water + surfactants = more hydroponics growth & yield

Until four years ago I had no idea how to use hydroponics surfactant formulas that are the easiest way to get faster growth and bigger yields without spending extra money on more nutrients. In fact, because surfactants transfer more nutrients into your plants faster, they make your nutrients program more efficient and less costly.

But just what is a surfactant? It’s a wetting agent that lowers the surface tension of water. In hydroponics, surfactants help your plants more rapidly uptake nutrients and transport them just where they need to go inside your plants to give you explosive growth and impressive yields that you and other growers are proud of.

On the market today are two types of surfactants. One’s synthetic and one’s organic.

Please note that there are several synthetic surfactant formulas available to hydroponics growers, but most of them don’t contain the right kinds of surfactants or they’re not concentrated enough to do your plants any good.

And there’s only one organic surfactant formula. You can use this unique organic surfactant product with an all-organic feed program and you can use it in a synthetic or synthorganic program too.

When you use the organic surfactant formula or the highest quality synthetic surfactants, you help your nutrients travel through water faster so your plants are able to more easily source what they need for enhanced growth and floral development.

The power of your surfactants doesn’t stop at the border of your leaves or roots. Inside your plants, surfactants make it easier for cells to exchange nutrients and wastes. This leads to higher-revving plant metabolism that maximizes your HID lighting, C02, and high-powered nutrients so you get stronger, more productive crops.

A plant scientist explained to me that “surfactants make water wetter.” How is this possible? Remember that water is hydrogen and oxygen. Also understand that water molecules carry a positive and a negative charge. Scientists call this hydrogen bonding, and it’s why water is water. When you use a surfactant to loosen water’s hydrogen bonds, you make water more spreadable, less dense. Nutrients materials in the water are more able to transfer into plants roots and leaves.

Most people reading this are excited to use surfactants to  send nutrients more quickly into plants through roots and also help them circulate more freely inside the plant. But surfactants are also powerful when you use them as a foliar spray. In fact, foliar spraying is an important part of your bigger yields toolkit that you activate when you mix surfactants with low-ppm foliar-sprayed doses of nutrients, kelp factors, beneficial microbes, potassium silicate, immune system boosters, amino acids, energy enhancers and plant protectors.

Surfactants in foliar sprays make your plants’ leaf surfaces more permeable so your hydroponics plants enjoy fast foliar uptake that fixes growth problems and augments growth and yield in ways that root feeding alone cannot do for you.

In some situations, foliar feeding is the only way to fix plant problems that otherwise could zap your crop. But without the right hydroponics surfactants, your foliar fix won’t work this way for you. You may have noticed that I keep recommending that you use the right wetting agents. Some surfactant formulas are too dilute to be worth you using them. Others contain cheap surfactants that are similar to compounds found in dishwashing liquids. You get the biggest bang for your buck using the most concentrated and appropriate surfactants, so ask for them from your hydroponics retailer.

Hydroponics surfactants help with powerful foliar feeding

Using concentrated surfactant formulas in your hydroponics root zone and on leaves means you get 3-6% bigger yields and more essential oils too. Surfactants also give you unique protection from molds, mildews and diseases that could otherwise attack your leaves and flowers.

Now that I’ve learned what are the best surfactants and how to use them, I sure enjoy seeing surfactant-powered foliar sprays infuse flower-building compounds into my leaves. What’s more, I easily recognize how hydroponics surfactants definitely show me more rewards from my root feeding too. The bottom line is you get a simple, cost-effective and proven way to increase the value of your feed program and harvests when you use surfactants in your hydroponics garden.

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