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Organic Guano for Outdoor & Urban Garden Maximum Yield

Bats are your hydroponics urban garden friends Bats are your hydroponics urban garden friends

Organic hydroponics fertilizers and supplements are key to maximum yield, whether you grow outdoors or in an indoor urban garden.

If you’re planning an outdoor garden, it’s good to utilize the Heavy Harvest series of outdoor maximum yield fertilizers that are designed for once a season application. No more daily hikes through the thorns and swamps. Just one hike in spring, summer and fall is the ticket you’ll love.

These three Heavy Harvest separate time-release formulas (spring, summer or fall) provide massive but safe, precisely measured doses of N-P-K and all the other fertilizer elements your plants need so they’re stoked to take advantage of the serious intensity of outdoor sun, whirling winds, clean rain, and the starry night sky.

Sure enough I hope you’ve seen outdoor plants that are better described as trees, with trunks the size of a football player’s calves, and a spreading canopy in which the sweating grower rests from his toils.

In spring and summer Heavy Harvest delivers proven correct ratios of nitrogen to phosphorus and potassium so you grow giants.

Then the autumn version of Heavy Harvest loads your plants with elements that make your maximum yield flowers swell up like a hungry baby at a buffet table.

Creative growers indoors and outdoors can also do well to import a nutrient-rich gift from our winged friends who hang upside down after evenings spent eating insects.

We’re talking bats, not of the vampire variety, lovely little creatures much-misunderstood, essential to the chain of life, unfortunately persecuted, and productive of a substance known to farmers ever since humans discovered agriculture.

It’s called guano. And now from one of the cherished birthplaces of modern hydroponics urban garden technology, we are able to source 100% pure, untainted, rich as Wall Street bankers bat guano in powdered and liquid form.

Outdoors you mix the Dutch Guanokalong brand of bat guano fertilizer in with your other soil elements and Heavy Harvest. Indoors you augment existing synthetic or organic base feed programs to get maximum yield in your hydroponics garden by adding Guanokalong liquid or powder.

What does an organic, 100% natural bat guano do for your plants? It provides rich, easily assimilated sources of phosphorus, zinc, calcium and copper, and has been used as a foliar spray and as a protectant, carrier and feed source for beneficial microbes in the urban garden and outdoors.

Bats eat zillions of tons of insects that make guano for your garden

Bats are endangered worldwide and bat guano is hard to ethically mine. There may well come a time when we don’t have the opportunity to use bat guano in our hydroponics urban garden or in outdoor gardening.

So whether you use Heavy Harvest outdoors by itself or in combination with Guanokalong organic bat guano, or you use Guanokalong as a potency-boosting, flower-loving natural hydroponics formula in your urban garden, you’ll like how bat guano moves you up the mountain towards maximum yield growing.

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