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Revving Your Hydroponics Roots for More Urban Garden Maximum Yield

Get stronger, bigger hydroponics roots and get maximum yield from your plants. Get stronger, bigger hydroponics roots and get maximum yield from your plants.

Your hydroponics roots are the foundation of your plants’ ability to intake water and nutrients, so it’s important for you to always have the latest information and best hydroponics nutrients products that take care of your roots so you get maximum yield in your urban garden.

Sometimes getting a new set of data can greatly improve a situation, and this is certainly the case in this letter forwarded to me by Michael Straumietis, the co-founder of Advanced Nutrients.

The letter came from a hydroponics urban garden grower in the United Kingdom.

“Dear Mike: I have been a member of your email club for a while and I appreciate the encouragement and information you give out. I got a lot from your pH Manifesto and I learned so much from that, which has helped me fix some problems I was having.

I grow in irrigated buckets hooked up to a reservoir and pump timer. I have used various and sundry materials in my buckets including two types of rockwool, coco coir, moss, soil, and hydroton.

I am running your Sensi Grow 2 part in the grow cycle and your Connoisseur 2 part in the bloom cycle. I also am regularly using your Bud Blood, Big Bud, Overdrive and Bud Candy. For the test that I describe later I used your beneficial microbials products. For your information I have had a hard time getting some of your products that I want such as SensiZym. The UK is not the same as where you are based and I wish we had more of your products over here.

I like to take clones but I also grow from seedling and I use the same stock. I want to report specifically that I very much appreciate your advice on using House & Garden Roots Excelucrator and here are my findings on that.

I like to test any new fertilizers I start using because I do not have the money to add new things without being sure that they are working. What I did to test the Roots Excelurator was to compare a bunch of my clones’ root systems to each other over a period of time. I go from motherplants to cutting to bucket and then I usually chop the mature clones completely so I can look at their rooting systems.

I know from past experience that using my regular fertilizers that I listed for you above I have roots that penetrate to about 75% of my buckets (I am using 7 gallon buckets and for my last three crops I have been using a mixture of perlite, coco and hydroton).

This time I did 21 clones from the same motherplant and split them up into three groups. I fed seven of them as I normally would. I fed seven of them as I normally would except I added Voodoo Juice, Piranha and Tarantula. I fed seven of them as I normally would except I added Voodoo, Piranha, Tarantula and Roots Excelurator. After harvesting I examined the root systems and found that the plants to which I had added the Voodoo, Tarantula and Piranha had larger root systems than the plants I only fed fertilizer to but the plants I fed Voodoo, Tarantula, Piranha and Roots Exceulrator had much more root systems and larger taproots. I also noticed that the plants with the four rooting formulas had grown faster than the other plants and were larger size so I got me larger harvests.

Now my standardized program starts with Voodoo, Tarantula, Piranha, and Roots Excelurator along with Sensi Grow. I continue Roots Excelurator through grow phase and I continue Voodoo, Piranha, and Tarantula through the middle of bloom phase. I also repotted my two motherplants and fed them Roots Excelurator and the other root formulas so they would develop newer and bigger roots.

Thank you again for the information in your pH Manifesto and in recommending Roots Excelurator. It is almost impossible to find someone these days like you who is giving good advice for free and not just trying to sell his own gear but wants us growers to have the best information. I should think that House & Garden owes you an endorsement fee, because I would not have used their product without your recommendation.”

You can get more roots for hydroponics maximum yield right now!

There are several things in this letter that hydroponics growers should pay attention to. One is that the grower listened to Mike’s advice and then tested it himself in a way that demonstrated the results of following the advice. Another point is that how you treat your root zone has a direct and easily seen positive effect on growth rate and harvest size.

In your quest to get maximum yield from your hydroponics urban garden, I urge you to use beneficial microbes and other products (such as Roots Excelurator) in your hydroponics root zone so you can get bigger roots that give you more maximum yield.

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