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Saving Money On 3-Part General Hydroponics Nutrients Featured

Hydroponics nutrients scientists give you bigger yields Hydroponics nutrients scientists give you bigger yields

Have you ever wondered how hydroponics nutrients first came into existence? It’s not just a question of history, it’s very relevant for you today in your hydroponics grow room, and here’s why:

With products like Jungle Juice, the innovation has finally arrived.

Hydroponics gardening (literally it means growing plants in water), has been around for thousands of years, but hydroponics nutrients weren’t industrialized and chemicalized until the 1930s.

By 1960, there were a few hydroponics fertilizers for the few hydroponics growers who existed at the time. When hydroponics growing started to become a popular hobby and career during the 1970s and onwards, hydroponics fertilizers remained the same as they had been for decades. Their ratios, types and amounts of nutrients were based on formulas for outdoor agricultural crops like tomatoes.

By the year 2000, there were tens of thousands more hydroponics growers than there had ever been, but they were still forced to use inferior-grade hydroponics fertilizers designed for tomatoes.

Nobody was doing new research to take advantage of the latest materials and manufacturing processes that could have improved hydroponics nutrients.

Worse yet, nobody was doing research to make maximum yield fertilizers for the high-value plants you grow, which have way different nutritional needs than tomatoes or other generic crops.

So when you go to your hydroponics store you are mostly seeing old school nutrients that contain antiquated ingredients, combinations and lame quality control. Fortunately, you now have better choices because beginning ten years ago a team of international plant scientists began examining General Hydroponics Flora and other hydroponics nutrients. They also began researching the crop of modern hydroponics plant stimulators, chelates, surfactants and other ingredients that weren’t in existing hydroponics nutrients.

They discovered that products like Flora come with a high price tag that’s far higher than the actual cost of materials, manufacturing and wholesaling. They also discovered inconsistencies in how these products are manufactured. These inconsistencies cause crop problems for you due to fluctuating pH, ppm, nutrient ratios and nutrient absorption rates. It can get very frustrating!

Based on their research, the scientists designed a new generation of hydroponics nutrients that provide more efficient and plant-specific doses of nitrogen and other nutrients, along with stimulating substances that increase the numbers and weight of flowers, while also increasing essential oil production.

Now when you go to a hydroponics store, you see three categories of hydroponics nutrients. The lowest category contains products like General Hydroponics Flora.

The next category includes products like Jungle Juice, which like Flora is a three-part base nutrients product except that Jungle Juice has more modern and effective ingredients than Flora…it grows you bigger and better harvests than Flora, but costs 40% less!

Beyond Jungle Juice, you have a top tier of hydroponics base nutrients that cost about the same as Flora, but that will far outperform Flora. These are intended for hydroponics growers who are super serious about their crops.

It is interesting to look back and see how computers have gone from being the size of a car to being something you can carry in your pocket. Televisions have gone from being tubes to flat screens. Innovation is the name of the game, but it took a while for it to show up in the hydroponics nutrients industry. With products like Jungle Juice, the innovation has finally arrived.

So let's be happy that you now have the option to save money buying 21st century hydroponics nutrients and supplements that work better than the dinosaur products like General Hydroponics Flora. The results for you? Faster growth and bigger yields of high-profit hydroponics crops. That’s what hydroponics nutrients innovation gives you, so head to your hydroponics retailer right now, and save money by replacing General Hydroponics with Jungle Juice, Sensi Grow, or Connoisseur hydroponics base nutrients.

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