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Why a Hydroponics Grower Got Upset About Too Much Maximum Yield!

Branch-bending maximum yield indoors and out Branch-bending maximum yield indoors and out

I get a lot of emails from hydroponics growers concerned about problems in their urban garden, but one I got recently takes the cake: the guy was actually upset that he got too much maximum yield!

Seems the man is a hydroponics indoor gardener who also has what he calls an “edible landscape.”

By that he means that his suburban yard is planted with a variety of fruit trees, veggie plants and production vines, and he saves a lot of money by harvesting oranges, peaches, tangerines, grapes, tomatoes, lettuce mangos, avocados, passion fruit, cherries, blackberries and peppercorns from his yard.

He says he saves about $3500 per year while growing organic to protect the health of his family.

“The edible landscape produce I grow and eat has no pesticides or any other toxic junk on it or in it,” the hydroponics and outdoor gardener explain. “I have rainwater cisterns hooked to an irrigation system. My rainwater is zero parts per million clean.  This is all organic.”

The grower says he uses rainwater in his hydroponics urban garden too, and that he was able to eliminate his costly reverse osmosis system because of it.

So why is this hydroponics grower so angry? Here are his own words:

“I had an elderly relative get sick and she lives too far away for me to keep up with my hydroponics gardening all year so I had all these hydroponics nutrients sitting around and I felt like it was a waste of money, so I used them on my fruit trees and tomato plants.

I fed them Connoisseur, Big Bud, CarboLoad, Scorpion Juice, Bud Blood, Barricade, and Iguana Grow and Bloom.

It rained a lot this year and I figured it wouldn’t make much difference and frankly I had no idea how hydroponics fertilizers meant for an indoor garden would do outdoors.

Well now it’s like I have a freak show in my yard. My Japanese plum tree is so overloaded with fruit that two of the lower branches broke. I have never seen it so filled with fruit and the fruit has both more sugar and more tartness.

The tangerine tree also went crazy with more fruit than any years past, with so much falling on the ground that I had fruit rats moving in and setting up camp.

My peach trees are loaded with young fruit. I had to buy branch supports and it looks like they are ripening sooner than last year. One of the peach trees is leaning on the house it’s so full. The tomatoes are the size of softballs.

Look, I had no way of knowing this would happen. I did experience an increase in my indoor garden yields and quality when I went from GH three-part to the Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur, but I underestimated what would happen outdoors with these trees.

I think their [Advanced Nutrients] products should come with a warning label: “Caution, if you use these products outdoors in fruit trees you are likely to get more fruit than you could ever eat or give away.”

My wife says that let’s sell the fruit, but the city government won’t allow it unless I get an expensive license.

I am kind of angry about this, but mostly angry with myself. I learned my lesson. Next time I have some extra nutrients, I won’t pour them onto my fruit trees!”

Imagine your buds getting as big as these pumpkins…it can happen!

Well, people…that’s his story. Now it’s time for yours. So whether you have a hydroponics indoor urban garden or an outdoor organic garden, Advanced Nutrients will bend your branches, so be prepared for maximum yield.

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Last modified on Friday, 22 October 2010 22:29

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