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Is there a Yacht in Your Hydroponics Maximum Yield Future?

Hydroponics grower retires and lives on this small boat. Hydroponics grower retires and lives on this small boat.

If you’re a hydroponics grower with an indoor urban garden using rockwool, aeroponics, NFT, hydroton, sphagnum, Sunshine Mix, Pro-Mix, coco coir and other types of materials or systems, you’re almost certainly using hydroponics nutrients.

In 99% of all indoor hydroponics urban garden situations, you just flat out won’t get good growth or maximum yield unless you add nutrients to your plants’ water.

At your local hydroponics store (or online store) there are at most about a dozen or fewer brands of hydroponics nutrients. Several of them have been around for more than ten years. Some for as long as 20-30 years.

In most cases, the longer the brands have been around, the likelier it is that they are using old school formulas and materials that were not tested on or designed for the crops you grow.

Your hydroponics plants are very forgiving, so if you give them nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and the other elements they need, they will grow and produce.

But the crucial issue for you is how fast they grow, and how much they produce.  Why? Because an adequate supply of generic nutrients that will keep your hydroponics plants alive long enough for them to produce halfway decent yields will not push your plants to their full potential.

Loss of full hydroponics plant potential gets more important as your production costs rise. Lots of growers are unhappy about ever-increasing costs of electricity, water, bulbs and other hydroponics supplies.

They also realize, as I am sure you realize, that your time is valuable. All of us can relate to the saying, “Like sand in the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.”

That’s why you want nutrients designed and tested to push your plants to finish faster and deliver the biggest harvests.

Hydroponics growers often have lovely friends.Hydroponics growers often have lovely friends.So when people ask me why I recommend Advanced Nutrients products, I explain that as a hydroponics grower myself who understands the workload, challenges, and opportunities you face, I have a responsibility to tell you the truth.

I couldn’t look myself in the mirror and feel good about myself if I was advising you to use any nutrients other than the best.

I am the kind of person, and I am sure you are this way too, that if someone asks you directions on how to get somewhere they really need to go, you tell them the best route. Most efficient, easiest, shortest, time-saving.

That’s the way it is with hydroponics nutrients and equipment. For example, I started growing many years ago and like a lot of people I used General Hydroponics 3-part base nutrients. I added their KoolBloom and a few other products as the years went by.

I also tried, or was very involved in hydroponics gardens where hydroponics growers tried other brands such as Canna, Dutch Master, Technaflora, and Grotek.

Everybody had complaints about one or more aspects of those companies. Sometimes it was that that the products didn’t work right. Or there was minimal customer service and no tech support.

When Advanced Nutrients first started nearly ten years ago, I didn’t even know about them. It wasn’t until I visited a 30,000 watt hydroponics farm and saw the guy mixing Advanced Nutrients Sensi, Big Bud and CarboLoad that I had any idea about this Canadian company Advanced Nutrients which is now worldwide and also makes hydroponics ballasts, reflectors, C02 generators, etc.

As far as I am concerned, if a hydroponics rich guy who is running banks of 1000-watt lights chooses Advanced Nutrients, what else do I need to know? (This guy had enough lighting to light a small baseball field! He’s now retired and living on a yacht)

It helps to know that unlike the other hydroponics companies, Advanced Nutrients constantly upgrades its formulations and materials based on new research into how to get you the biggest yields. The other companies use the same stuff decade after decade, and it shows.

But hey, if you’re using something other than Advanced Nutrients and get massive harvests, I am of course very happy for you. Feel free to tell me about that.

Using the right hydroponics nutrients and equipment can lead to life on the water…

But my experience-based opinion is that when you switch to Advanced Nutrients you get an increase in the health, growth rate, yield, market value and quality of your hydroponics plants…no matter what you were growing with before.

And here’s something you can take to the bank- if something other than Advanced Nutrients works better than Advanced Nutrients, you’ll hear it from me. That’s why I advised you to use Roots Excelurator (made by House & Garden) instead of Advanced Nutrients JumpStart.

The H & G product is way better. Nobody censors me or tells me to do anything other than report to you what will give you the gargantuan yields you want.

My proven faith in Advanced Nutrients is not influenced by who sponsors rosebudmag.com or Rosebud magazine. It’s based on me being obsessed with hydroponics urban garden maximum yield success, and very understanding of how you need maximum yield from your hydroponics crops, just like I do. Maybe there’s a yacht in your future?

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