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Boost Your Hydroponics Maximum Yield with All-Natural C02 in Your Urban Garden

You can use this safe, all-natural way to deliver maximum yield C02 directly to your plants’ leaves You can use this safe, all-natural way to deliver maximum yield C02 directly to your plants’ leaves

When you’re looking to boost your hydroponics urban garden maximum yield, you definitely want to increase the amount of carbon dioxide (C02) that your plants take in from the atmosphere through their leaves.

And you want to do it safely, easily, and with the lowest cost possible.

The big picture is that your plants breathe in C02 and breathe out oxygen. That’s a very cozy relationship for bus and them!

What you need to remember as a hydroponics grower is that your plants grow faster and produce larger yields when you give them more than the 400 parts per million (ppm) baseline C02 levels that exist naturally in our atmosphere.

Not only do you get faster growth, bigger yields and more crop cycles per year when you stimulate your plants with added grow room C02, but you also get plants that tolerate higher than average grow room temperatures so you save money on cooling costs.

You can use several methods to add C02 to your garden and each has its plusses and minuses. An old school method is to use a C02 tank with a regulator and hose. This has proven to be a rather cumbersome and expensive method, with some security risks too.

Many hydroponics growers seek maximum yield in their urban garden by using C02 generators that burn natural gas and/or propane to create C02.

But other than the new Cool Flame water-cooled C02 generator that has multiple safety features and low heat output, C02 generators most often add extra heat and humidity in your grow room, which costs you extra money to remove.

On top of that, most C02 generators other than the Cool Flame have safety risks that you can’t avoid.

You should consider a recent C02 augmentation innovation that provides all-natural, totally safe C02 augmentation directly into the leaf zone of your plants.

This method is called C02Boost, and it’s ideal for hydroponics gardeners using rooms 8 x 8 or smaller, or if you grow in the Hydrohut, Sunlight Shed other hydroponics grow cabinets, grow tents, or closets.

Simply put, C02Boost is a 12-inch high bucket containing a proprietary, patent-pending mixture of substrate and mushroom spawn. When you activate the bucket, it produces C02 for 90 days.

There’s no odor, and no danger of pathogenic contamination, fire, extra humidity or heat.

Another benefit for you is that the unit delivers its C02 directly to your plants’ leaves via a very small aquarium pump and tubing.

You plug the pump into your light timer so the pump delivers maximum C02 during the lights-on cycle when your plants need as much C02 as they can get for photosynthesis.

Instead of traditional C02 augmentation methods that cost you money and hassle filling up your entire grow space with mega-PPM of C02, the C02Boost buckets provide C02 directly to your plants’ leaves, which is the only place in your grow room where you really need extra C02.

According to C02Boost researchers, one bucket provides effective C02 augmentation for spaces 8 x 8 feet and smaller. For larger spaces, you use multiple buckets.

You also can choose from two sizes of pump-hose distribution kits to tailor your C02 placement in a way that works best for your garden size.

As an added benefit, you can use what’s in the bucket as a potent top-dressing fertilizer after the contents have exhausted their potential to generate C02.

Used as a fertilizer, the all-natural materials in C02Boost are a rich source of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and calcium, which are very important elements for you getting maximum yield in your hydroponics urban garden.

It’s easy to see that C02Boost is a low-tech, reliable, cost-effective way to deliver C02 into your plants for maximum growth and yield.

C02Boost works great in hydroponics urban garden grow cabinets

Hydroponics growers who’ve compared the cost and hassle of tank C02, other methods and C02Boost buckets affirm that C02Boost is cheaper and easier to run than most other C02 augmentation methods, and more easily produces profit-building larger yields and faster growth- which means accelerated and more crop cycles per year for you.

The people who created C02Boost are friendly, professional and accessible, so please contact them right away to get more information about using this safe, natural and easy way to get maximum yield in your particular hydroponics garden, so you avoid complications often inherent to other hydroponics urban garden C02 augmentation methods.

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