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Loving Your Hydroponics Mother: Choosing Motherplants for Your Hydroponics Success

The EZ Clone Machine is currently available in three sizes The EZ Clone Machine is currently available in three sizes

Hydroponics gardening is often a process where you select favorite plants as motherplants that you keep in perpetual veg phase so you take cuttings that give you wave after wave of hydroponics yields in what’s called a “sea of green” garden.

You call it sea of green because instead of a few large plants, you have rows of identical green hydroponics clones growing fast towards yet another rewarding harvest.

There are tons of benefits to the motherplant/cloning method, including:

•    You get to choose and maintain your favorite hydroponics plant strains
•    You avoid downtime that can happen when you grow from seed
•    You ensure hydroponics continuity and convenience
•    You get higher yields per hydroponics dollar invested
•    You have a reliable hydroponics garden that’s timed to your needs

These are just some of the benefits from using the motherplant/cloning sea of green method.

But even with all these benefits, many hydroponics growers are missing out on this valuable hydroponics gardening skill. Why? Because it definitely has a learning curve built into it so you want the best information on how to choose motherplants and maintain them. That’s what Rosebud is for, so this is the first in a series of online articles that talks about motherplants and clones.

If you want even more information right away, be sure to subscribe to or pick up your copy of the Rosebud print magazine, which has a how-to approach to hydroponics topics that gives you the easy to follow instructions.

For today, we’re talking about selecting motherplants. There are several factors you want to use, and most of them center on your hydroponics gardening structure and preferences.

As an example, if your hydroponics garden is limited by a low ceiling, heat, or other constraints, this influences your motherplant choices because some plant strains will do better than others in specific conditions.

What I mean is that some plants naturally grow taller than others. As you’re aware, if a hydroponics plant gets too close to an HID light, the light’s heat can burn the plant.

In this situation, you’d select a motherplant that’s dense and bushy rather than tall and lanky. Part of this is determined by the plant’s genetics, which you can find out about ahead of time from seed sellers and other sources, and part of it is determined by how you trim and shape the mother when it’s in its earliest growth phases.

Aside from your hydroponics gardening infrastructure considerations when you’re choosing motherplants, you also want to analyze your personal reasons for being a hydroponics gardener.

If you’re growing cut flowers for a specific market, you want to match your mothers to the market, which includes you. Some flowers do well when they’re dried, others not so well, and all have their own qualities that make them the favorite of one person but less a favorite for someone else.

By carefully studying plants and plant strain information before you even start to grow young plants to choose from as potential hydroponics mothers, you can pre-select for exactly the plants you need.

This includes the look, smell, marketability and attractiveness of your flowers, as well as their growing characteristics, such as how long it take them to complete bloom cycle, or how well they resist the kinds of climate/pest/disease problems common to hydroponics gardens where you grow.

Regardless of whether you already have motherplants and a hydroponics sea of green running, I highly recommend that you do a crop from seed at least once per year if not more often.

When you see the vast selection of genetics on the hydroponics market, you naturally get excited about having new hydroponics gardening experiences.

And that’s really what it’s all about- being excited, experiencing new rewards, and helping to ensure genetic diversity so the hydroponics industry and you personally are financially stable forever.

Growing from seed allows you to breed, to see growth characteristics and vigor from an early age, and to select only the most powerful and attractive young plants to become mothers for you.

After you have chosen, there are special techniques you use to transform your plants into mothers, and we will talk about those in later articles and in Rosebud print.

The main thing for you to remember is that having hydroponics mothers can increase your hydroponics gardening success and give you higher quality, more frequent harvests that magnifies the profitability and pleasure you want from your hydroponics gardening.

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