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Growing With Class: North American Hydroponics in the Classroom & Your Home

North American Hydroponics make systems that are a cut above the competition. North American Hydroponics make systems that are a cut above the competition.


When it comes to HYDROPONIC systems, North American Hydroponics set themselves a cut above the competition. To start with, the folks responsible for the system are aeronautical and astronautical engineers.

That intense, formal training has helped them to eliminate problems that have plagued other hydroponic systems over the decades. It also means they eschew the pseudo-science of other companies in favor of a common-sense, customer-friendly approach.

North American Hydroponics systems are designed to be light-tight, pH neutral, food-grade quality and to run perfectly clean. In fact, one of their coolest features is their valve system: This technology allows the system to mix itself under pump power local to the reservoir so your crop is protected until you get the pH and PPM right where you want them. Only then are the crops subjected to the reservoir mix.

NAH systems also allow for reservoir changes under pump power instead of gravity. This makes those changes so easy that there’s no reason to put them off. It also allows you to situate the system in an area without a floor drain since you can connect the hose to the hose port and evacuate the reservoir contents.

To top it off, NAH systems are among the most versatile on the market. There’s a baffle plate located at the front of each tube, which allows the tube to be individually configured to support a separate flood level or drain rate. The system can also be reconfigured to support ebb and flow or aeroponics, but the default mode is a version of NFT (nutrient film technique)—called an NFT hybrid because it combines an NFT design with an emitterless surface application of the nutrient solution.

Perhaps the coolest thing about North American Hydroponics is their work with schools around the country. They provide classrooms with their systems so students can learn about cultivating their own food, thereby educating a new generation of growers and showing them how much fun it is to grow.

The bottom line is that these systems are top-flight, highly versatile pieces of growing technology that can accommodate any size operation.


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