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Help Your Hydroponics Plants Breathe Easier for Increased Yields

Helping hydroponics plants breathe easier Helping hydroponics plants breathe easier

Several years ago I was talking with hydroponics pioneer Michael “Big Mike” Straumietis, the co-founder of Advanced Nutrients. More precisely, he was talking to me, and I was listening. That’s the smartest thing you can do when you’re with Big Mike. He’s a guy whose brain paces like a champion racehorse. He articulates more useful ideas per minute than anybody else I’ve ever met.

Anyways, Big Mike was listing the many goals he had for the hydroponics industry, for his company, and for his personal hydroponics research. Many of these goals sounded impossible to achieve.

For example, he promised he’d design a nutrients program that eliminated the need for pH metering and increased the growth rate and yield of plants. He said he’d create a hydroponics magazine and website that truly served the needs of hydroponics growers. He said he’d design a water-cooled C02 generator and a dimmable low frequency digital ballast. It’s rather impressive to see that Big Mike and Advanced Nutrients have achieved all this, and more.

Big Mike also talked about other research interests. For example, he was intrigued about studies showing that hydroponics plants responded to music and voices. Some forms of music created faster growth and bigger yields. Other types of music made plants cringe. Ditto for voices. Maybe it has something to do with how sound waves and other frequencies affect stomata (the breathing apparatus) on plant leaves, Big Mike speculated. Metallica or Pink Floyd or Eminem- who produces the biggest yields?

So it was with a sense of déjà vu when a few weeks ago I heard about a company called BioWave that’s advertising devices that the manufacturer says will affect plants in ways similar to how plants are affected by certain types of music.

BioWave Industries just announced the manufacture of two different Biowave machines (one for field crops, the other for indoor hydroponics crops), that are said to use some form of “subsonic energy frequency” that dilate plant stomata to create a situation in which plants breathe easier.

Stomata are a key mechanism in how your plants’ leaves have some of the same functions for plants as lungs do for us, except in reverse. Leaves take in carbon dioxide (C02) and exhale oxygen. We inhale oxygen and exhale C02. Kind of a nice arrangement, yes?

You don’t have to explain this to Henry Adams, the inventor wizard who created the two machines that deliver subsonic harmonic frequencies into plant environments. His machines- named Biowave- come in two configurations that Adams says have been been thoroughly tested and proven. The Biowave 9000 is for outdoor farms; the Biowave 9200 is engineered for indoor gardens.

The easier breathing stimulated by Biowave creates enhanced plant metabolism, photosynthesis and health so your hydroponics plants grow more rapidly, resist diseases better, and produce larger yields, Henry says, adding that crop analysis shows that the BioWave also increases BRIX percentages. BRIX is a measure of “sugars” stored in plant tissues; enhanced BRIX is seen as an indicator of extra essential oils, taste and aromas in hydroponics crops.

When I talked to Henry Adams, Biowave’s creator, I learned that Henry had lots of technical and manufacturing credibility. He’s a solar energy pioneer whose Sunpower Systems company (he sold it a few years ago) was featured in Forbes, CNN, Wired and other major media.

Not only that, but Henry also developed human health products based on “Schumann resonance crystals” and pulsing electromagnets that he believes match the vibrational frequencies of the human body to harmonize and energize us.

Henry said he had not set out to create a plant-stimulating machine. Instead, he was working on a new kind of energy efficient engine for automobiles and inadvertently noticed that one of his prototypes was creating increased growth and health in a nearby potted plant!

Biowave helps hydroponics plants breathe easier!

Based on that observation, he redefined his machinery and did field tests indoors and outdoors using various types of plants, including medicinal California hydroponics herb crops. The test results he sent me show increased growth, yield, potency and BRIX.

Contact Henry at Biowave for more information so you can decide for yourself how these devices work and if you want one for your hydroponics garden. Just remember, if your hydroponics plants breathe easier, they’ll need more water, more nutrients and more C02, and they are likely to create more humidity in your grow room. In return, if these devices work the way Henry Adams says they do, you’ll get more massively impressive hydroponics yields!

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