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Double Timing: Growzay’s Is Two Hydroponic Systems in One

Growzay's is a hydroponic system that can also function as an aquaponic system. Growzay's is a hydroponic system that can also function as an aquaponic system.


California is home 
to a number of hydroponics entrepreneurs, but one in particular got our attention recently. Growzay’s is a simple system for the do-it-yourself backyard gardener, designed to make crop rotation easier. Rather than having one big 4-by-8-foot grow bed, Growzay’s employs 30-inch troughs, perfect for growers who want to maintain a perpetual harvest cycle.

Growzay’s also stands out from the competition by utilizing a dual system of root containment. It’s a flood-and-drain system that uses a standard hydroton media base, but underneath the table is a version of NFT (nutrient film technique) that feeds the root mat that develops beneath the medium.

Another advantage of the design is that the system aerates and oxygenates the water, which makes the Growzay’s system ideal for aquaponics. The increased oxygen makes for healthier roots systems that can perform better in warmer conditions and support faster growth rates, super-charging the microbes with products like Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice.

Growzay’s inventor Jose Gerard constructed his first prototype back in 1992 for his own use, but he started building his system for both indoor and outdoor grower friends and has gradually acquired a respectable client base. Growzay’s is perfect for growers with smaller private operations, but Jose has also set up his tables for some modest commercial grows, showing signs of growth and versatility.

If you’re more of a hands-on type, you can get a how-to DVD from www.growzaysaquaponics.com to build your own system. The instructional video will tell you what raw materials you need from your local hydro shop and home improvement store, as well as how to assemble them yourself. From there, if you need anything, feel free to drop Jose a line. You’ll never talk to a friendlier or more enthusiastic grower, and that’s exactly the kind of guy we love to have in our community.

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Here's an interesting look at aquaponics for the uninitiated.
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