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Hydroponics Nutrients, Equipment & Supplies for Your Hydroponic Roots

Bottle of Roots Excelurator Bottle of Roots Excelurator

Your hydroponics plants grow from their roots foundation, and that’s why I’m taking the unusual step of recommending some specific hydroponics nutrients and supplies so your hydroponics garden gets the benefits of stronger roots today.

The idea for me sharing this important information with you came when I was contacted by Big Mike Straumietis, the co-founder of Advanced Nutrients.

As you may be aware, Advanced Nutrients is the worldwide hydroponics nutrients, equipment and supplies manufacturer that has created the broadest range of hydroponic gear available for you to use to get faster growth and bigger yields in your indoor gardening.

Big Mike explained to me that his ongoing plant science testing program conducted at prestigious universities and in grandmaster hydroponics growing had given him new insight into how you induce your plants to create healthier roots and more roots faster.

In fact, he talked about a big change he was making in what he recommends for growers who want to increase harvest size and value by taking better care of their hydroponic root zone.

I’ll explain that big change in a second, but first let’s take a look at how important roots are…

Bigger Roots Equal Bigger Yields

Your hydroponics plants’ roots are the intake engine that drives your plants’ ability to bring in water, oxygen and nutrients necessary for growth and yield. A little-known fact is that most hydroponics gardens, especially those with sterile root zone media such as rockwool or using systems such as NFT or aeroponics, have root zones that do not fully maximize your roots’ potential.

If you’ve got a root zone that’s only being fed with water and nutrients, your roots are not as big, branched, energetic and powerful as they could be.

What you can do to increase the form and function of your hydroponics roots is to add beneficial bacteria, beneficial fungi, enzymes and other materials to your root zone.

When you do this, you’re duplicating the rich, living, biologically-active conditions that exist in the most fertile and productive outdoor soil. You get roots that are stronger, larger, better able to take in nutrients and water faster, and are also protected from root zone diseases, stress, drought, heat, cold and other problems.

Something New to Increase Your Root Success

Big Mike told me that the big change he had discovered came when his scientists were testing Advanced Nutrients Jump Start along with several other formulas designed specifically to be used for clones, seedlings and young plants, or any time when you want to encourage your plants to grow more roots.

In the past, Big Mike explained, he recommended that for cuttings you use the top-ranked cloning gel, Juicy Roots, followed by a formula called Jump Start that encourages root development.

Later on, when roots are established, you feed your root zone with proprietary beneficial bacteria and fungi engineered by Advanced Nutrients scientists to perfectly match your plants’ root zone needs. These formulas (Voodoo Juice, Tarantula, and Piranha) are the only liquid beneficial microbes root zone formulas guaranteed to maximize root growth and function in your hydroponics garden.

But the big change has come in what you feed your youngest plants to get them to produce more roots faster. In the past, Big Mike knew that Jump Start was the best formula for that.

Now, he says there’s another formula- Root Excelurator by the Dutch company House & Garden- that does a better job than Jump Start.

It does such a better job, Big Mike says, that he’s going to stop manufacturing Jump Start.

Until his team of scientists can come up with a formula that outperforms Root Excelurator, Big Mike says he’s going to recommend Root Excelurator because it contains root growth stimulants that put roots on your plants faster and continue to enhance root growth for the first weeks of your plants’ life.

Professional  Hydroponics Grower Testimonial

I spoke with a professional grower who had procured samples of the full line of House & Garden nutrients from an American reseller. House & Garden are created and engineered in Holland, and the company has a good reputation in Europe.

The professional grower told me that Root Excelurator is definitely a product he’d recommend, but he found that the rest of the House & Garden product line was not as impressive, and that he was staying with his Advanced Nutrients base nutrients, root zone treatments, and other additives.

He had previously tested the Advanced formulas against General Hydroponics and other hydroponics nutrients, and had seen how Advanced Nutrients gave him more of what he wanted, with less time and effort.

He gave credit to Big Mike, saying it was refreshing and surprising to see a hydroponics manufacturer who’s more concerned with you getting the best formulas- regardless of who manufactures them.

When Big Mike has the honesty and grower-orientation to recommend a product that his company doesn’t make, the professional grower said, this is a plus for growers who look for candid information.

As for me, I’m procuring Root Excelurator and will test it on young plants and on some motherplants that I have repotted into larger pots. (I want the motherplants to generate new roots that fill the larger pots).

You can be sure I will report back to you about my experience with Root Excelurator. And remember that any time you’re looking for the best hydroponics equipment, nutrients and supplies to amp up your yield and growth, be sure to stay tuned to Rosebud, because we’re giving you the hydroponic insider info that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face every time you harvest.

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