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Hydroponics Retail Stores: Your Source for Hydroponics Nutrients & Equipment Featured

Your hydroponics retailer can help or hurt your chances of a hydroponics crop that looks as healthy as this one. Your hydroponics retailer can help or hurt your chances of a hydroponics crop that looks as healthy as this one.

How you choose hydroponics retail stores is absolutely crucial to your maximum yield success in your urban garden. Whether the hydroponics retail stores are  online or in a physical location, who you get your hydroponics gear from can make all the difference for you. Indeed, the quality, price and selection of hydroponics nutrients, hydroponics equipment and hydroponics supplies at hydroponics retail stores can provide you all the tools you need to ensure success in your urban garden, or they can limit your success and make life a lot harder for you.

It’s the same at an auto parts store, a vitamin store, or a “big box” store such as Home Depot or Best Buy: if the store has a wide variety of merchandise from the best manufacturers, if there’s enough competition from other stores so each store has a reason to keep prices low, and if the hydroponics stores have friendly, knowledgeable sales staff, you’re likely to get a great shopping experience.

Sometimes what happens is something most of us have experienced- you go to hydroponics retail stores but you come away empty-handed. There are many reasons for this. In some cases you find that the store just doesn’t have a wide enough selection of items, or an adequate inventory, to fill your needs. Or it may be that you need information from store staff before you can make the right purchase, but the staff doesn’t know the information and can’t or won’t find out for you.

This can be a problem at some hydroponics retail stores because hydroponics lighting, hydroponic nutrients and hydroponics systems are important tools that require technical knowledge before and after you purchase them. For example, if your hydroponics retailer isn’t able to explain to you how to run an aeroponics system, you might decide not to buy an aeroponics system.

You should also be aware that as in other industries, many hydroponics retail stores are subject to monopoly controls by some distributors and manufacturers. There are relatively few manufacturers and distributors of hydroponics nutrients, hydroponics equipment and hydroponics supplies, and a handful of them have controlled the hydroponics industry for several decades.

The three guys who founded Advanced Nutrients [Advanced Nutrients is a sponsor of rosebudmag.com] did so when they were hydroponics retailers frustrated by monopoly control of the hydroponics equipment and nutrients industry.

After listening to retail customers complain about high prices, lack of choice and poor quality hydroponics products at hydroponics retail stores, they founded Advanced Nutrients to bring fresh hydroponics products into the marketplace.

They also committed to a new concept in hydroponics manufacturing and retailing- putting the customer first and establishing a direct link between the manufacturer and the customer so you get more hydroponics urban garden maximum yield because you get products custom-designed for your garden, along with the latest hydroponics information so you can get the biggest buds for your gardening investment.

This robot female tells you the truth about hydroponics stores!


Today, you are seeing a wider range of hydroponics products and more hydroponics information at the retail level, in part because innovative companies and individuals such as Advanced Nutrients changed the hydroponics retailer-customer dynamic.

With more research and development, 21st century hydroponics nutrients, equipment and supplies, you now want to find hydroponics retail stores that are liberated from the tyranny of monopoly distributors and manufacturers, so you’re guaranteed to get maximum yield in your hydroponics garden!

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