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Getting Maximum Yield Using Hydroponics Urban Garden Fertigation

Modern technology gives you maximum yield in your urban garden. Modern technology gives you maximum yield in your urban garden.

Summer’s on the way and you’re probably one of many hydroponics growers seeking maximum yield in your hydroponics urban garden while still enjoying fun in the sun.

That used to be one of the drawbacks of having a hydroponics urban garden- you either had to hire a trustworthy person to tend your crops for you, or you had to stay home and do it yourself.
I am happy to report that the days of you being held hostage to your hydroponics urban garden are over, thanks in large part to the folks at Hanna Instruments.

It’s ironic that most hydroponics growers only know that Hanna Instruments makes pH and TDS/PPM meters.

The actual fact is that Hanna has continually pushed the envelope of what you can do to manage nutrition and water in your hydroponics urban garden.

One main benefit of this is that you no longer have to hand measure and control your water pH. Hanna has created fertigation controllers (fertilizer + irrigation = fertigation) that use space age maximum yield technology to do for you what would take you hours to achieve by hand- if you could achieve it at all.

For example, the Hanna HI 5000 mini-fertigation controller, like its larger Hanna controller siblings, takes the pulse of your water, nutrients, pH and PPM and uses impeccable technology, computerization and hardware link-ups to deliver precise nutrition and water to your hydroponics urban garden.

We’re talking continuous monitoring of vital statistics, variable flow rates, rock solid fertigation timing, safety features, programmability and the maximum yield peace of mind that comes when you use Hanna technology to save you time and earn you more money in your hydroponics urban garden.

Hanna controller systems give you the ability to create unique and variable fertigation blends so you can match your hydroponics plants’ needs on a second by second basis.

Sure, you get convenience and efficiency like you’ve never seen before, as well as the ability to spend a week at the beach and relax knowing that your hydroponics urban garden is ticking along on its own just fine without you.

But for me, that’s not the most important of the many benefits you get from Hanna controllers and other Hanna hydroponics technology.

What I really love the most is that using Hanna technology to micromanage the pH, TDS and nutrient ratios in your fertigation water, and the timing and volume of your hydroponics nutrients urban garden feed program, makes your plants produce maximum yield that fattens your sense of achievement and your wallet.

Do yourself a favor and check out the way that Hanna incorporates bulletproof pumps, probes, software and user-friendly features into its fertigation controllers. When it’s time for you to cultivate yourself by taking a break from your garden to observe bikini culture and other natural wonders, you will enjoy the sights knowing that your Hanna is back home in your hydroponics urban garden, ensuring safety, predictability, and maximum yield.

Hanna Instruments gives hydroponics gardeners maximum yield

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Last modified on Tuesday, 09 November 2010 18:30

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