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Hydroponics Lighting Systems Go Beyond HPS, MH and LED

The Pink Floyd of Hydroponics Lighting The Pink Floyd of Hydroponics Lighting

Hydroponics lighting systems have long relied on HPS, MH and LED lighting, with LED being the newcomer hydroponics lighting technology. HPS and MH lighting are generically grouped as HID (high intensity discharge), and they definitely put out high intensity light, along with brutal amounts of heat. Hydroponics LED lighting is controversial, with many growers complaining that LED still doesn’t generate enough light intensity. Now there’s a new hydroponics lighting technology that takes hydroponics lighting systems beyond MH, HPS and LED. It’s called plasma lighting...

The worldwide pioneer in hydroponics plasma lighting is a Florida-based company called Chameleon Grow Systems. I’ve had many conversations with Chris Pieser, Chameleon’s head honcho, and am impressed by his technical expertise, commitment to grower success, willingness to have his hydroponics plasma lighting tested by third party plant science experts, and by his integrity.

Pieser started developing plasma hydroponics lighting as an alternative to HPS, MH and LED lighting after realizing that HID and other hydroponics lighting technologies aren't tailored specifically for the plants you grow. HID for example is engineered for stadium lighting, parking lot lighting, and similar applications. The only validated exception to this is the Eye Hortilux bulb.

You can get kind yields with HID, no doubt. But guess what...if you could hear what your plants are begging for, you'd find out that they love the specific light wavelengths that hydroponics plasma lighting uniquely provides.

Your plants grow fastest and produce their biggest yields when they’re fed light as "nutrition," Pieser explains. Think of light the same way you think of hydroponics nutrients, except that light is delivered into your plants' leaves while hydroponics nutrients are delivered through their roots.

Using Chameleon plasma, you deliver a gourmet meal of the wavelengths of light that your plants most love to eat. Hydroponics plasma lighting gives your plants more Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR), which is the radiation wavelengths your plants hunger for so they can give youmassive increases in floral size, quality and value.

What's been recently discovered is that your hydroponics plants are looking for specific light wavelengths and ratios of wavelengths that HPS or MH most often do not deliver.Pieser and his team of scientific consultants, aerospace engineers and plant science test facilities found you can use premium hydroponics plasma lighting to produce specific light wavelengths that trigger internal plant growth regulators that control flowering density and flower potency. And you can do it without the extra heat, electricity waste and infrared leakage that HID creates.

Simply put, Chameleon hydroponics plasma lighting generates the perfect light wavelengths that create shorter, bushier plants with less internode gap, better flower to stem ratios, and more essential oils, aromatics and other value enhancers. Please understand: using Chameleon plasma lighting to go beyond the yields and quality you get from HPS, MH, and LED has been proven in clinical testing. I’ve seen the test results and the photos. Plasma lighting is 21st century hydroponics lighting technology that takes your flowers to a higher level. This is not hype: it's what professional, licensed hydroponics growers and collectives have verified.

Pieser asked me to emphasize that his plasma and plasma-LED lighting units are best used for sea of green, screen of green (SCROG) and any other hydroponics grow room situation in which you have shorter plants that are grouped closely together.

You also use them with HID or LED stand-alone units, to add a high dose of PAR that provides what HID bulbs and most LED units fail to provide. Using plasma hydroponics lighting instead of or along with HPS, MH or LED and grow phase gives you bushier, faster-growing plants. In bloom phase you get more flowers that have higher market value. That's the power of hydroponics plasma lighting.

Unlike alternative hydroponics lighting manufacturers who claim their product will work as well as HID hydroponics lighting in all situations, Pieser is very careful about what he reports. His plasma lights as currently manufactured are not for growing taller plants or situations where plants are spaced in low density arrangements.

On the other hand, he says, use his lights at 12 inches distance as directed, and they'll feed your plants with as much useful PAR radiant energy as the sun at high noon, but without the heat of HID lights!

It's cool that Pieser and his engineers are relentlessly pursuing ways to squeeze every bit of PAR from every watt of electricity their lights consume. He expects to manufactureChameleon lighting units with increased PAR and light intensity in coming years.As for now, he assures me that Chameleon plasma hydroponics lighting is guaranteed to increase growth rate, floral density and floral value while consuming less electricity and generating far less heat (virtually no heat) as compared to HID lighting.

Pieser says his testing, and growers’ experiences, show that Chameleon's hydroponics plasma and plasma-LED units are superior to even the best LED stand-alone units. His hydroponics lighting gear is manufactured in a top-rank aerospace engineering facility using LUXIM Light Emitting Plasma; LUXIM is internationally recognized as the leading supplier of plasma lighting.

Also consider the practical benefits of using plasma hydroponic lighting, which has a longer life than HID units, more efficient energy conversion, and a reduced infrared signature.

How confident is Pieser that his innovative lights are great for your plants? Confident enough that he's offering a very liberal return policy that takes the risk out of trying this ultra-modern hydroponics lighting technology.

Not only that…Pieser and his crew are developing an exciting new type of hydroponics grow chamber that maximizes plasma lighting while also giving you the opportunity to do “low-stress training” that increases your hydroponics yields per watt, especially in smaller grow spaces.

Stay tuned to RosebudMag.com for more information about plasma lighting, low-stress training and Pieser’s latest engineering breakthroughs. For now, I suggest you contact Pieser to ask him how his lights can save you money and make you more money in your garden. Check out the video and links accompanying this article. You will see how new plasma hydroponics lighting systems go beyond HPS, MH and LED hydroponics lighting.

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Use plasma lighting to exceed what regular hydroponics lighting gives you!
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