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Method Seven Changes the Game: Sunglasses Designed For Your Grow Room

Cool sunglasses with a practical function for growers - Method Seven does it right. Cool sunglasses with a practical function for growers - Method Seven does it right.


You are not going to believe this! Every once in a while, a technological advance comes along in our industry that absolutely changes the game. Method Seven has done just that with their brand new sunglasses designed specifically for growers to use in the grow room. Guys, we can’t state this clearly enough – these sunglasses are the answer.

You will see your plants clearly. You can work your grow longer and more efficiently than ever. For real. Check out www.methodseven.com and look at the photo of what a grow room looks like through these glasses. That’s not photoshopped, folks. That’s the real deal.

But enough from us, we spoke to Method Seven so you can get the info straight from the horse’s mouth. Dig this:

Rosebud Magazine: These Method Seven shades are not your average sunglasses. Can you tell us what makes them special?

Method Seven: These are completely unique. The founder of the company realized that under HPS lights, plants look very yellow. You can’t see colors properly in a grow room. Therefore, you can’t really evaluate the health of the plant. If you want to look for what’s going on with your plant’s health of for pests, you really need to take it outdoors and look at one under sunlight. Method Seven has changed that.

RM: How so?

M7: We’ve developed a formula and had it melted into glass so that the color spike is eliminated and what you’re left with is daylight-balanced lighting. It’s pretty magical. Anybody who has worked in a grow room puts these glasses on and goes, “Oh my god, this is amazing!” It’s like walking outdoors and seeing your plants.

RM: It really is mind-boggling. How did you develop this technology?

M7: It wasn’t trivial to develop. We worked with German engineers and we had to melt over four tons of glass in order to get the formula right. We basically brought to the market the equivalent of the highest end sunglass you can imagine, on par with any other high end brand. But the purpose is really for this unique niche – indoor growing.

RM: In other words, these sunglasses are specifically for growers to use in their grow room.

M7: That’s correct. They work as well as any other sunglasses on the street, but they’re designed specifically to balance the light in your grow room. It’s really remarkable. There are people who have been working in grow rooms for years and they’re having eye problems and night vision problems, and no one has addressed this issue head on.

Regular sunglasses don’t balance color. Sunglasses designed for the street aren’t designed to cover UVC because UVC typically doesn’t make it through the upper atmosphere. But UVC is created by artificial light sources. We designed these sunglasses to really address those specific needs that a grower encounters.

RM: So what happens when you wear these glasses?

M7: It’s interesting. You wear these glasses and walk into a grow room, and initially you’re amazed at what you see. And then, you realize that you’re very comfortable. And even after seven or eight hours, you don’t get the fatigue that is normally associated with being under those conditions.

There’s some mystery here. We don’t know where that fatigue comes from. It has to do with the fatigue of the brain. It’s like when you drive from LA to San Francisco, and you get out of the car and you’re really tired but you haven’t done anything. But it’s because your brain is making decisions every second and it’s exhausting.

Well, when your brain knows it wants to see green, but it’s not seeing green, it’s actually straining. And if you relax the brain by letting it see color, it’s actually less fatiguing. We don’t know exactly how to describe it, but that’s what people get wearing these sunglasses.

RM: After years of working in a grow room every day, some growers experience real problems. Do these glasses address some of those issues?

M7: Yes. The retina is very sensitive. When you expose your eyes to UV lights a little bit each day for years, it’s like getting a sunburn on your eyes. That causes damage. Night vision problems, focus problems. Some growers have said they get headaches. What we’ve found is that those who have been using our glasses, guys who are spending six or eight hours a day under these lights, they no longer have issues at night, they don’t have headaches, they don’t leave the grow room and have to wait ten minutes in their car until their eyes adjust so that they can drive home. It’s really a unique product.

RM: Okay, so these are great for the grow room. Can you wear them around in the rest of your life?

M7: Yes. They cover the full UV. They’re really high quality glass. Most sunglasses these days are polycarbonate and plastics, so ours are better than most of what’s out there. You can wear them in the grow room and walk right outside. The lens is bluish, which is because of some of the special ingredients in the glass. They’re not designed to be blue, they are blue by necessity.

There are other glasses that are being sold to growers, but they weren’t developed for growers, like ours were. They protect growers from some of the harmful rays, but they don’t do anything to balance color and help you evaluate your plants.

RM: How long has Method Seven been around?

M7: We just started at the beginning of the year. We’ve sold thousands of glasses. We’re starting to distribute in Europe now. And we have a money back guarantee, but we haven’t had a single taker. Everyone just goes, “Wow! These things are phenomenal.”

RM: Are these sunglasses the only thing Method Seven produces?

M7: We have more products coming later this year. These lend themselves a little more to what people traditionally want in sunglasses. Things like dark lenses where you can’t see your eyes through them. We have glasses like that coming.

We also have glasses coming that balance color under other conditions, like LED lights and metal halide lights. We’ll have glasses designed for different growing methods and different plants. Method Seven is going to be the company you go to to get color balance and eye protection for all kinds of situations. And our products will start to look more and more like street type glasses that people will feel more comfortable going in and out of the grow room.

RM: But these aren’t some big clunky safety glasses that you’re not going to want to wear out. These are designed to look good, right?

M7: Our current model is very sporty. These are Base 8 lenses. We call the frame style “The Resistance.” There’s a lot of curvature so it really wraps and protects from light bleeding in on the sides. There are rubber nose pads that help keep the glasses on your face, so they’re great if you’re working in a grow room where you might get hot and sweaty, or if you’re mountain biking or something. They also have spring-loaded hinges to make them very comfortable. I think we really hit it on the style. They fit well on a variety of people; they’re pretty cool looking. They’re certainly miles away from other options growers might have. It’s a lifestyle product for the grower.


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