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Lizard Learning: Plasma Lights Usher In a New Era of Science & Growing

Chameleon is revolutionizing the way indoor growers light their grow rooms. Chameleon is revolutionizing the way indoor growers light their grow rooms.


The Chameleon Solar Genesis Plasma Grow Light is a unique new piece of technology changing the face of the grow industry. And that’s not just talk. Chameleon is backed by scientific research from North Dakota State University, where rigorous academic testing has shown that Solar Genesis plasma lights are superior to the conventional lighting systems most growers use.

But academia’s love for plasma lighting doesn’t stop there. Marine biologists at a major aquatic theme park in the Orlando, Florida area discovered that plasma lighting produced a significant increase in coral and clam growth compared to metal halide lights, and used 31% less energy to boot. Additionally, doctorate-level researchers at UC San Diego as well as physicists at Pomona College use Chameleon plasma lighting in their research, discovering that plasma provides a better light spectrum and less heat than any other lighting options. Clearly, Chameleon’s Solar Genesis Plasma Lighting has scientific implications beyond the grow room.

That said, we know that, for Rosebud readers, the grow room is the place to be, and scientists are proving plasma’s effectiveness for growers, too. In a CEA (controlled environment agriculture) grow room, the above-mentioned NDSU scientists led by professor Chiwon Lee Ph.D discovered that tomato plants grown under plasma lights were more compact and showed increased biomass compared to plants grown under High Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulbs. The solid content of the fruit was also higher.

The reason for plasma’s success in the grow room is that the spectrum of light provided by Chameleon’s Solar Genesis lights is much closer to the spectrum of light plants use for photosynthesis than any other lights typical growers have used. In fact, the full spectrum light nutrition plasma provides may even be better than sunlight itself. Until now, no other lighting system on the market has provided full spectrum light nutrition.

The academic testing at NDSU also confirmed that plasma lighting accelerates inter-nodal development, creates more root mass; makes plants faster to flower and produce fruit; and yields bigger, more consistent fruit size and weight.

For growers, getting started with plasma lighting is a little more costly than conventional grow lighting, but as Dr. Lee and his team have found, Chameleon lights use less wattage than either metal halide or HPS. In fact, Solar Genesis lighting lowers the operating costs of grow room lighting and lasts longer than conventional lighting systems. Combine those savings with the increased quality and quantity of your yield, and using plasma lighting starts to look like a sound investment.

Finally, plasma lights radiate less heat than either HPS or metal halide. As growers, we are all too familiar with the battle to keep the temperature down in our grow rooms. Having a cooler, more efficient lighting system is a huge benefit, especially for those of us growing in hotter regions.

With high-level scientific research to back it up, Chameleon’s plasma lights are raising the bar in the grow industry. For all of us obsessive growers who are constantly seeking to improve both our crops and our bank accounts, that’s good news.

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Chameleon lighting uses hard science to make the best lights for indoor growers.
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