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Maximum Yield Upgraded Rockwool for Your Hydroponics Urban Garden

Get maximum yield in your hydroponics urban garden using Grodan rockwool Get maximum yield in your hydroponics urban garden using Grodan rockwool

Rockwool is a sweet substrate for your hydroponics urban garden roots that can give you maximum yield and easy use.

I refer to rockwool as the “cotton candy” of hydroponics substrates because it’s spun into an airy, wooly mass from molten basalt in a way similar to how cotton candy is spun from sugar.

Please don’t eat rockwool, but please do realize that rockwool is a popular hydroponics urban garden material that gives you maximum yield if you understand rockwool, pre-treat it properly, and use the right feeding, monitoring and watering techniques with it.

When I first started growing with rockwool 20 years ago, my hydroponics store only offered me a few rockwool choices- rockwool sprouting cubes, slabs of rockwool or bags of loose rockwool, all made by Grodan.

Grodan is the world leader and pioneer in hydroponic rockwool technology and you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the Grodan company and its hydroponics consultants as you consider or continue using rockwool in your hydroponics urban garden.

The main reason you want to get familiar with Grodan is because the company has further professionalized its line-up of hydroponic rockwool so now you have six types of rockwool to choose from.

This means you can customize your rockwool to your specific type of urban garden environment and needs. For example, if you want a simplified watering and feeding program, you use Grodan Vital. If you want to save on rockwool costs, you use Grodan Classic Multi-Year, which has more longevity than regular Grodan rockwool.

Grodan has also rolled out another useful tool that’s called the Water Content Meter (WCM). There are two varieties of this tool, and both of them measure moisture levels, EC, and temperature of your root zone.

These sophisticated meters are way more technologically advanced and user-friendly than any other root zone meter I’ve ever seen, and they give you the ability to micromanage nutrient levels, root zone moisture content, and temperature to get maximum yield.

The WCM Continuous is a real-time, in-line meter that constantly monitors all variables and can be interlinked with computerized climate and feeding controllers that bring precision maximum yield potential to your hydroponic urban garden.

I currently use a self-made root zone media combo containing Fox Farm Ocean-Forest, Coco Coir and Sunshine Mix 4, but Grodan’s recent innovations (especially the WCM) make me want to go back to rockwool.

Rockwool holds lots of water to prevent drought damage.

One reason I left rockwool is that it usually requires you to pre-treat it so its ambient pH is in the 5.8 to 6.3 sweet spot that gives you best nutrients absorption. I also didn’t like it that handling dry rockwool irritated my skin and lungs. And it’s a fact that many companies make rockwool but few of them give you as high quality as Grodan.

Grodan rockwool and accessories are reliable tools you can use to get maximum yield in your hydroponics urban garden. Contact Grodan for hydroponics technical advice and rockwool dealer location, and then get growing your rockwool maximum yield!

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