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Maximum Yield Urban Garden Hydroponics Rooting from Jiffy Preforma

Jiffy Preforma root shooters give faster, stronger rooting for maximum yield in your hydroponics urban garden Jiffy Preforma root shooters give faster, stronger rooting for maximum yield in your hydroponics urban garden

With more and more general hydroponics growers using cloning and the sea of green method to get maximum yield in their hydroponics urban garden, it’s useful for us to look at root shooters, rooting plugs, rapid rooter, and other products used to stick cuttings in for hydroponics urban garden root development.

Over the years, you and other growers have had the chance to test and evaluate a variety of root shooter rapid rooter hydroponics products for your urban garden, and it’s interesting to note that the choices you have for this crucial part of hydroponics cloning keep expanding.

Hydroponics gardeners have used peat pellets, rockwool cubes, sphagnum moss, coco coir cubes, compost cubes, mixed-material cubes and other formed cubes or starter plugs designed to fit into existing hydroponics urban garden grow systems that use standardized sizes of holes in which you place your rooted clones.

You will also note that many major hydroponics manufacturers, such as General Hydroponics, B’Cuzz, Grodan, Oasis, and Jiffy are making starter plugs for cuttings.

The general hydroponics features of these plugs include standardized sizes, a need for adequate porosity for aeration and root penetration, onboard stabilized pH buffering for ideal root zone chemistry, and sometimes you’ll find claims of onboard nutrients and beneficial microbes.

Of course it’s hard for you and other hydroponics growers to share and compare rooting plug, root shooter or rapid rooter experiences to determine what works best to get the highest success rate, fastest root development and maximum self-sufficiency that gives you stronger clones that are faster ready to be transplanted into your veg phase system.

One of the newest and increasingly popular rooting plug items is made by the legendary horticultural and hydroponics company Jiffy. They call this their Jiffy Preforma root shooter.

In research and development at company headquarters in Holland, Jiffy’s plant scientists and hydroponics experts worked with a variety of ultra-modern materials until they found an exclusive blend including white sphagnum peat, coir peat, perlite, calcareous lime and prepolymer binders that provide higher levels of performance for hydroponics growers seeking faster rooting of seeds, cuttings or tissue culture stock.

Unlike other rooting plugs and rapid rooter products, Jiffy has professional certifications for its Preforma root shooter plugs. These certifications attest that the materials and workmanship of each plug are absolutely non-toxic, pH neutral, hydroponics-friendly, and properly designed for your needs.

I’ve tested the Preforma root shooters, and I’ve also spoken to other professional and grandmaster general hydroponics urban garden growers who’ve worked with them and run side by side comparisons competing General Hydroponics rapid rooter products, coco coir products and others against the Preforma.

Jiffy Preforma root shooters outperform legendary Jiffy peat pots in hydroponics urban garden

What you’ll find is that the Preforma has favorable characteristics as regards root development, pH stability, physical stability (it doesn’t fall apart like other products do), ease of watering, resistance to root zone diseases, and cost-benefit ratios.

The bottom line is that you can now add the Jiffy Preforma to your general hydroponics urban garden toolkit for cuttings, cloning, seedlings and tissue culture propagation. And remember- there’s a direct connection between rapid rooter and root shooter performance and getting maximum yield from your hydroponics garden.

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