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Royal Gold: Coco Fiber Growing Mediums Par Excellence

Royal Gold potting soil delivers quality products. Royal Gold potting soil delivers quality products.



We caught up with Michael at Royal Gold to hear about the company and their products. These guys are up to some cool stuff in the hydroponics business. Read on to get the goods straight from the horse’s mouth.


Rosebud: Tell us about the company.

Royal Gold: We’re Royal Gold potting soils. We’ve been around for over ten years now and we’re based in Humboldt County in Northern California. We produce high quality coco fiber-based potting soils that are an alternative to a traditional soils, but that allow gardeners to use the coco soil in the same way they’ve used traditional soils. So people are able to use coco fiber without a big learning curve. They get the benefits of the superior growing medium in a format that they’re used to using.


What are some of the products you offer?

We started with just a pure coco fiber because we wanted to bring that to the forefront. We’ve got a super high quality loose coco fiber. We rinse and buffer the coco in a proprietary way to provide superior buffering and ready-to-use product.

Then we took that one step further and started making soilless blends from that coco fiber. And that became our flagship product, the Basement Mix, which has been our most popular medium. It’s a container style growing medium designed for plants and containers of all types. It’s moderately aerated, lightly amended, and designed for the gardener to still feed the product, yet it has a good organic dry amendment charge to it.

We also offer a much stronger mix called the Mendo Mix. It’s got a very high amendment charge and a little more water retention. It’s designed for the hot, dry climates of Mendocino and southern Humboldt Counties.

So you have region-specific products?

It was designed as a region-specific product, but it’s applicable to many other climates. There are so many hot and dry climates, and as drought continues to plague more and more growers across the country and around the world, having a medium that retains a little more water is going to become more and more invaluable.


What distinguishes Royal Gold from other options consumers have when they walk into a hydro store?

There are several things. One is that we focus solely on our coco fiber-based mediums. So it gives us an edge having a higher quality medium than companies that are more diverse and can’t focus their energies on one specific thing.

And the other thing is that we pay super close attention to our quality control. All we do is soils, so that’s all we focus on and we take great pride in that.


Tell us a little bit about what the future holds for Royal Gold.

 We’re going to continue to work on new mixes and develop new products and keep the quality of products that we’re producing high. We introduced our soilless aeration blend the Tupur about four years ago now, and it’s quickly becoming our most popular mix. It’s an aeration style formula, high porosity, coco fiber blend. That’s really taken off and it’s given us some motivation to start developing new mixes that are going to change the way people garden.

Check out the Royal Gold website at royalgoldcoco.com and use the store locator to find Royal Gold at a hydro shop near you.

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