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Trimpro Trimming Machines: A Cut Above the Rest Featured

Trimpro makes top notch trimming machines and products. Trimpro makes top notch trimming machines and products.


There are a lot of trimming machines out there, and Steven Drummond of Trimpro is happy to tell you that many of them are good at what they do. But if you’re looking for a company with the most complete range of products to suit your needs, Trimpro leaves the competition behind.

“We’re the only ones that offer a complete family of trimmers, from a home personal-use model right up to more industrial-sized models for bigger gardens,” expounds Drummond.

Beyond catering to the size of your operation, Trimpro also has a machine that matches your preferred drying technique. Some Trimpro models are more manual in nature, designed to maintain stem integrity so that you can still dry your flowers by hanging them. Other Trimpro machines are more mechanical, which necessitates drying by net.

I’ve met people that have had the same Trimpro Original for 10 years now.

When it comes to what distinguishes the 12-year-old company from other makers of trimming machines, it’s not just a range of models.

“One of the things that really differentiates us from our competitors, on the bigger machines especially, is the sound level,” says Drummond.

Each Trimpro machine’s single motor means that they function several decibels below other trimmers, which often have three motors operating their various parts. That’s helpful for growers who don’t wish to draw undue attention to their operation.

Trimpro machines also have an adjustable blade height, so you can vary the closeness of your cut.

Beyond the machines themselves, Trimpro promises customer service that is second to none.

“We have customer service people available from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern Time,” explains Drummond, “and during harvest season we extend those hours so that we can handle more calls. Our guys are always available for suggestions and tips. I don’t think any of our competitors provide that kind of service. And if someone needs a machine in a hurry, we can get it to them overnight (in Canada and the continental U.S.)”

Trimpro also makes a concerted effort to contribute to local economies. Trimpro trimmers are manufactured in Canada, with the vast majority of component parts, including all motors, sourced from North American companies. Not only does this effort help bolster the North American economy, but it also ensures that Trimpro customers get a high-quality machine.

“I’ve met people that have had the same Trimpro Original for 10 years now,” says Drummond. “When the blade gets dull, they just sharpen it up… the machines last a little too long to tell you the truth!”

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