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Avoid Hydroponics Mistakes and Get Maximum Yield in Your Urban Garden

Beautiful people love clean, properly-spaced, well-aerated hydroponics gardens Beautiful people love clean, properly-spaced, well-aerated hydroponics gardens

Your hydroponics urban garden is probably the most important part of your life other than your lover, friends and family. But when you talk to a lot of hydroponics growers you see common mistakes they can fix so they get the maximum yield they seek, with less cost and fuss. Let’s take a look at a few of these mistakes, and how to fix them.

One common mistake is to not provide enough air movement inside your hydroponics urban garden.

Air movement is crucial to plant breathing. It brings fresh air to your leaf zone so C02 can be absorbed. It moves plant exhalations away from the leaf zone so your plants breathe better. Stagnant leaf zones slow the growth of your plants.

Fans and venting are the usual methods for achieving air movement, but you can’t just throw a fan in your grow room, or install a vent, and turn them on.

You want to use the right size fan, set to oscillate, so moving air gently flutters your plants’ leaves from top to bottom. It isn’t enough to just aerate the canopy. You want air movement throughout the grow room.

Adjusting fan heights, using multiple fans of various sizes and settings and having adequate ventilation gives you the power to help plants breathe and also helps prevent molds, mildews and pests from settling on your plants.

Another mistake is to crowd your plants so their leaves are touching with very little space between plants.

This creates a stagnant jungle with poor air movement and poor light penetration. It makes it easier for pests and pathogens to travel from plant to plant. It makes it harder for you to tend your plants, inspect them and maximize their potential.

In general your plant spacing should be so that each plant has room to expand vertically and horizontally to its full growth potential, but not so that any part of one plant touches another. Practical considerations include plant spacing that allows you to move easily in your garden.

As regards vertical rather than horizontal spacing, if your canopy gets too tall and too close to an HID bulb, you get burned plants. Or at the very least you get airy, thin buds. Or both.

If you lack vertical height, bend and prune your plants, grow shorter varieties, get a new room with a higher ceiling.

Another problem comes if you don’t respect your plants enough to keep their hydroponics environment clean and safe. I’ve often visited a hydroponics indoor garden and found theme grower smoking cigarettes as they tend their plants.

Omega hydroponics gardens can be kept clean, and they make it easy to ensure plant spacing and aeration for maximum yield

Or eating Doritos, with pieces of junk food sprinkling down onto their plants and hydroponics garden floor.

I’ve seen pets in gardens. This is especially unwise during peak bloom phase when your plants are magnets for pet hair that sticks to them and can’t be removed.

Fact is, cigarette smoke, food, any kind of debris, pets, and other contaminators should not be in your garden. They’re vectors for disease, pests and pathogens. They lower the quality of your finished product.

And as a general preventive, it’s a good idea to disassemble your hydroponics indoor garden every 3-5 cycles, and give your room and hydroponics infrastructure a thorough cleansing with fungicide, miticide and other cleansers.

Because we want you to get the biggest, most valuable yields from your hydroponics urban garden, we’ll be giving you more tips about common mistakes that interfere with maximum yield. You see bigger yields when you give your plants more air movement, adequate spacing, and a cleaner urban garden environment today.

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