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Comparison Testing Hydroponics Nutrients, Equipment and Systems

Use the scientific method to get the most rewards from your hydroponics Use the scientific method to get the most rewards from your hydroponics © RosebudMag.com

You’ve probably heard the saying, “the proof is in the pudding,” and although few of us have made pudding, we can certainly agree that when it comes to how hydroponics nutrients and hydroponics systems affect your plants, the proof is often right there in front of your eyes…especially if you test for it.

That’s why many growers set up a comparison growing situation so you can measure the effects you’re getting from various components in your hydroponics gardening.

This is useful because you hear a lot of stories about what a hydroponics bloom booster, base nutrient or hydroponics system will do for you, but the only way to know for sure is to test it in your garden.

However you want to make sure that the test produces valid results. Here’s how…

Your first step is to ensure that you are growing the same strain of plants as you do your comparisons. It’s no use to observe different strains of plants that have different growing characteristics when you’re trying to measure how variables affect your crops.

So you will need reliable clones or pure-bred, true-growing seeds, and a baseline of observational familiarity of the mature plants that come from them, to make sure you will be seeing only the effects of your variable, rather than natural differences in plant characteristics that happen due to genetics.

You also have to control all other hydroponics gardening conditions so you are sure to have a neutral playing field for your comparison. This means you don’t test two variables at a time.

For example if you are testing a bloom booster, what you would do is carefully measure crop yield and quality in bloom seasons without the booster, and then do the same with seasons in which you use the booster.

But you would not add a C02 generator to your garden at the same time as you add the bloom booster you are testing, because the combination of variables means you can’t be sure if it’s the booster, the C02, or both that are causing the change.

Testing hydroponics nutrients is important because you hear a lot of claims and you want to get the most bang for your hydroponics investment. Testing nutrients is best done crop to crop, and over at least two full cycles.

Be sure you understand the mixing and application instructions of the nutrients you’re testing, flush your system so you have no residue from past nutrients, and pay attention to your grow room conditions to make sure that the conditions are the same.

As with the C02 example above, if your hydroponics plants are experiencing different environmental conditions crop to crop (such as variations in temperature, water quality, humidity, light intensity and other variables), it’s really hard to do accurate nutrients comparisons.

We will talk more about comparison testing methods and details, but the bottom line is to pay attention to what’s called “the scientific method” when you’re doing testing.

This method is a standard form of logical procedures and concerns that scientists use in most every experiment so they control for random variables that can prevent accurate assessment of what they are really trying to focus on.

For you as a hydroponics grower, it will be easier to use the scientific method in some cases versus others. And one key to your ability to trust your comparison results is whether you have those reliable clones or true-growing seedlings so you know that whatever differences you detect are the result of the variable you are testing.

Stay tuned for more information about comparison testing of hydroponics nutrients, equipment and hydroponics systems. In today’s hydroponics marketplace, you can see the proof in the pudding, and make sure you’re getting the tastiest crops possible, when you use comparison testing.

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Hydroponics growers can use the scientific method to compare hydroponics nutrients and other supplies for their garden. RosebudMag.com
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