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Hydroponics Harvesting for Happy Endings: Part Two of a Series

Harvesting flowers the right way provides many benefits for hydroponics growers. Harvesting flowers the right way provides many benefits for hydroponics growers. © RosebudMag.com

Harvesting your indoor hydroponics garden or your outdoor crops requires a lot more skill and knowledge than most growers realize…if you want to get the maximum taste, aroma, quality, value and size from your crops.

There’s a complex interplay of factors that determine the precise harvest timing for your crops, and only if you grow indoors can you control most if not all of those factors.

Obviously only indoors can you totally control temperature, humidity, C02, light cycles, air movement, air exchange and other factors that influence plant health and bloom phase development.

Indoors you can also totally control hydroponics water quality, nutrients type and quality, nutrients timing and other fertigation factors that influence how well your flowers develop and what qualities they have.

Indeed, the issue of hydroponics harvest timing is often confused as something that should only concern you after your plants have been in bloom phase for a while, when actually harvest timing indoors starts when you flip the lights to 12 hours and the countdown begins. Harvest timing is all about getting the most value, quality and payoff from your crops, and that means a total crop approach, not just wondering what day to cut them and hang them to dry.

You are in a cooperative venture with your plants’ genetics to control how your plants work through their early, peak and end phase flowering sub-cycles, and to ensure that they get the right nutrition and conditions for maximum floral output.

Given that your plants are genetically programmed to start flowering at a certain daylength, and to develop flowers that start as mere babies and gradually grow into gargantuan fully-developed flowers, you have a lot of power to get more from your harvest and harvest timing than Nature by herself would dictate.

For example you can feed your plants special formulas as soon as you turn the lights to 12 hours; those formulas will increase the number of budding sites while spurring your plants to set up budding sites earlier than normal.

You can also use modernized base hydroponics nutrients such as Connoisseur that contain proprietary co-factors and other compounds that manipulate plant maturation rates to shorten the amount of time they spend in early bloom, get them to peak bloom faster, hold them there longer and then drop them out of peak bloom in a hurry so you get more time in peak bloom but the same amount of overall time for your bloom phase.

What good is this? Simply that peak bloom is the time your hydroponics plants add the most taste, aroma, medicinal compounds, size and other value-adding factors into your flowers. The earlier your plants get to peak bloom, and the longer they stay there, the bigger and more profitable your harvests are worth.

As we said in the previous article in this online series, hydroponics harvest timing of course comes after your plants have been in bloom for several weeks, but when you want the most from your plants, you do best to get very familiar with their bloom phase characteristics…starting with the estimated length of time that they need in bloom phase before they’re ready for harvest.

One way to get peace of mind predictability is to grow from seeds, and only use premium seeds ordered from the most reputable seed breeders. They’ll tell exactly to the day how long your hydroponics crops need to grow from the time you hit 12 hours until the time you get the shears out.

Unless you have weird glitches in your hydroponics bloom cycle, if those reliable, respected breeders tell you your plants are ready to harvest in 54 days, you can pretty well bet that that’s when they’ll be ready for harvest.

But here’s the exception: indoor hydroponics harvest timing depends a lot on your individual goals, subjective crop experiences, customer expectations, and hydroponics gardening skills, and it doesn’t have to be a one-time harvest. You can do something called a rolling harvest in which you sample your plants at various times during their bloom season.

Yes, you definitely can cut those hydroponics plants at 54 days and expect it to be a good generic timing that gives you a worthy harvest but there are other ways of harvest timing that are far more detailed and variable than that, so you can get several different types of harvest endproducts off the same plant during the same bloom season, for a greater overall return on your investment, and more fun too. Look for more exclusive harvest-boosting information in our next installment in your harvest timing series!!

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