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Hydroponics Nutrients Labels Mysteries Explained

What’s missing from hydroponics labels? What’s missing from hydroponics labels?

Ever wondered what all those numbers and chemical names mean on hydroponics nutrients labels? Or why hydroponics nutrients labels tell you almost nothing about what the hydroponics nutrients actually do for your hydroponics plants and yields? If you have wondered, you’re one of many. So let’s explore hydroponics nutrients label mysteries so you can get more from your nutrients…

First of all, hydroponics nutrients labels are regulated by state laws. Hydroponics nutrients companies can’t say whatever they can fit onto their nutrients labels. The government tells them what they can and can’t say.

There are specific things they have to tell you on every label, which is why most labels have the same sections of information, and the same kinds of information. The law says fertilizer manufacturers are to tell you what’s in the nutrients, what those materials are derived from, and how much of those materials are in the product.

If you’re a chemist or plant science expert, you might even totally know what that label information means. Most hydroponics growers are looking to see if the product contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium (N-P-K) and other essential elements, and in what amounts and ratios.

Sometimes the labels give you an understandable listing of that information. Often, they don’t. For example, the label might tell you 6-5-4, and it might also tell you the chemical names of the materials that those individual nutrients are derived from, but you don’t know if those materials are the right quality or configuration to be properly absorbed by your hydroponics plants.

Not only that, but hydroponics companies are prohibited from using their hydroponics nutrients labels to tell you everything that’s in their nutrients and all that their hydroponics nutrients can do for you. State fertilizer laws, which were created by legislators and bureaucrats influenced by a shadowy private organization called the American Association of Plant Food Control Officers (AAPFCO) and the industrial agriculture industry, prevent hydroponics companies from telling you about dozens of modern hydroponics nutrients materials that boost plant growth, health and yield.

Hydroponics nutrients companies aren’t allowed to tell you how their nutrients create better plant growth, health and yield. They’re not allowed to even mention the innovative new discoveries they put into their products.

Why should you care about that? Well, what’s happening is that you go into a hydroponics store and look at two hydroponics bloom booster products from different companies. The product ingredients listed on both labels are almost identical. Based on that, you believe that the products do the same thing the same way. You decide what to purchase based on which product offers you the best price.

But one of those hydroponics bloom boosters contains seven more ingredients than the other one, and was engineered specifically for the crops you grow. Those seven ingredients have been proven to increase the size, potency and market value of your flowers. And yet, the regulations disallow the hydroponics manufacturer from telling you about those ingredients, thus preventing you from making a fully informed decision about what are the best hydroponics nutrients for you.

I consider this to be yet another example of discrimination against hydroponics growers and nutrients manufacturers. Here’s what I mean:

One of my hobbies is exercise, and I use a whey protein supplement made by Champion Nutrition, which is kind of like the Advanced Nutrients of the exercise nutrition industry. When I look at the label for my Champion Nutrition “protein stack” product, I see various product claims, features and benefits: “The Protein Choice of Top Athletes Worldwide.” “Perfect for lean muscle synthesis, fat burning, dieting and getting that ripped muscular look…”

The Champion label also contains technical information specifying exactly what’s in the product, as well as its ratios and amounts of amino acids, fats, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. It’s all what you want to know when you’re considering whether this product will work for you.

And at the bottom of the Champion label, as you’ll see on almost all vitamins and supplements labels, is a disclaimer saying that the product label claims “have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.” The FDA is the government agency responsible for monitoring products we take into our bodies.

What this means is that Champion Nutrition or any vitamins/supplement manufacturer can make product claims on their labels without having a government nanny looking over their shoulder. But hydroponics nutrients companies haven’t got that freedom. When it comes to labeling, the government regulates the product you feed your plants much more strictly than it regulates the products you feed to yourself.  Sounds backwards, right?

So you can’t rely on hydroponics nutrients labels, but how can you find out which hydroponics nutrients are best for you? First, go to hydroponics nutrients manufacturer’s websites and see the amount and quality of information they provide about their products. You’ll see only one hydroponics nutrients company provides detailed information about their products and about hydroponics gardening for maximum yield.

Also- examine the overall amount of information services that the hydroponics nutrients company provides you. There’s only one hydroponics nutrients company that provides you with free hydroponics growing how-to information via the Internet and magazines. There’s only one hydroponics company that provides customized live tech support for the hydroponics plants you grow.

Reading fertilizer labels is quite a challenge!


You also look at the reputation a hydroponics manufacturer has for standing up for the rights of hydroponics growers- or not- and you also see how that company’s products will or won’t deliver your biggest yields.

Given the power of censorious industrial agriculture and state regulators, I highly doubt that hydroponics nutrients labels will ever give us the information we really need. You can’t rely on hydroponics nutrients labels to give you the whole story about the features and benefits of hydroponics nutrients products. The good news is you can find the strongest and highest-yielding hydroponics nutrients by looking at the hydroponics nutrients manufacturers that give you the most information and customer service. It’s all worth it when you see your massive flowers that have the sweet smell of success!

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