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Hydroponics Retailing Series: Loyalty to Customers

Making the hydroponics sale means caring about hydroponics growers Making the hydroponics sale means caring about hydroponics growers © RosebudMag.com

Our first in a series of articles about hydroponics growers considering hydroponics retailing as a career generated lots of interest…and rightly so.

As we noted in that first article, the hydroponics industry is growing at a time other industries are wilting.

When you love hydroponics gardening, you want to share your growing passion with others, and hydroponics retailing is a great way to do just that.

It’s also a great way to earn a righteous living, beyond what you may already be earning from your hydroponics gardening.

And it’s a chance to do something special for your community. Hydroponics growers who start their own hydroponics retail business can bring something to the table that’s uniquely important for our industry: customer empathy and loyalty.

We all agree that hydroponics customers identify most with a retailer has walked in their shoes and is loyal to their interests.

Successful businesspeople who reach out to customers and build rapport are going to develop themselves into outgoing people with empathy as a core personality trait.

The empathy factor is at work when you see a highly successful hydroponics retailer who has never been a hydroponics grower…but whose loyalty to customer interests makes up for any lack of personal hydroponics gardening experience.

In the everyday business of a hydroponics retail outlet that you might own, your dedication to customer success infuses every choice you make.

It’s seen in the obvious differences between a retailer who only carries products provided by a distributor’s monopoly consortium, compared to a retailer who stocks any and all hydroponics gear and nutrients known to produce the fastest growth and the biggest yields.

In one store, the growers’ choices are limited artificially, and they may not even realize it. In the other store, the growers are empowered to max their yields.

In some situations, hydroponics retailers who care the most about customer satisfaction are known in the hydroponics industry as “mavericks.”

But in the eyes of hydroponics growers, they’re the retailers who go the extra mile, provide personalized service, and help growers make dreams turn into reality.

In an era when customer service, trust and rapport are too often in short supply, hydroponics retailers who put customer satisfaction as their foremost business goal reap big rewards.

Hydroponics customers will appreciate that you know what it’s like to deal with crop problems, hydroponics equipment failures, and grow room glitches.

They’ll deeply sense you’re on their side. They’ll count on your advice and your hydroponics store, as a place of community, not just a place where products are purchased and money changes hands.

So as you consider hydroponics retailing as a career, think about the advantages you have if you’ve been a grower.

The main thing is that when a hydroponics retailer is tuned in solving customers’ grow room problems and meeting their needs, it creates a win-win situation for the retailer and growers that boosts the hydroponics industry along with hydroponics yields.

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