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Hydroponics Security & Police Encounters: Stay Safe!

Silence is golden for hydroponics growers! Silence is golden for hydroponics growers!

A hydroponics grower recently told me that a dozen heavily-armed male police officers kicked down her door, threw her on the floor, trashed her house and hydroponics garden, strip-searched her, found no contraband or any illegal activity, and then busted her for “resisting arrest” because she demanded to see the search warrant and told them to stop trashing her house.

After she spent $1700 on an attorney, endured the humiliation of answering neighbors’ questions about the raid, and nearly lost her job because she had to go to court five times, the prosecutor dismissed the resisting arrest charge.

She contacted the city attorney and asked for compensation for the damage done to her house, hydroponics garden and belongings, for the money that was missing after the police left, for false arrest, and for the pain and suffering she went through. She didn’t want taxpayer money as her compensation- she wanted it to come directly from officers involved in the faulty raid.

The city attorney explained that police officers “acting in good faith” are shielded from criminal prosecution and lawsuits. In the unlikely event that an officer is sued for actions he or she committed while on duty, the city or other employing entity will spend whatever it takes (of taxpayers’ money) to defend the officers all the way up the appeals process.

Unfortunately, this kind of situation is more common than you’d think. It doesn’t matter if you’re growing hydroponics tomatoes, lettuce, medical crops or whatever…if somebody calls a tip line, or if you otherwise come to the attention of law enforcement, (such as a traffic stop) your life and hydroponics garden can be turned upside down in a minute.

You could be the most wonderful and innocent hydroponics grower on the planet, and yet you could still encounter police in a situation that could harm you if not handled properly. So this article contains a million dollars worth of advice: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. If you ever encounter police in a situation that puts your freedom at risk, no matter what they say to you, lock your lips and say nothing other than to provide identification documentation and to request the presence of your attorney.

You may feel the urge to provide explanatory information, excuses, sad stories, arguments, etc. Resist the impulse. Say nothing other than, “I do not consent to a search of myself, my vehicle, or my dwelling. If I am not under arrest, I want you to leave me alone so I can continue on my way. If I am under arrest, I invoke my right to silence, and I demand the right to contact an attorney immediately, right now.”

Exercise your safety-giving right to remain silent


As my colleague Nigel Salazar explained in another article here on Rosebudmag.com, you should have an attorney on retainer, someone you can call in an emergency who will drop everything and come to your assistance. I am not an attorney, and this article does not in any way substitute for you getting advice from an attorney, but a competent attorney will tell you the same thing: Provide no extra data. Do not consent to a search of your vehicle, home or body. Do not invite officers into your home, vehicle or business. Do not reveal any information about yourself or your life. You have the right to remain silent. Use that right.

Hydroponics gardening is an honorable career, hobby and profession. But no matter how law-abiding you are, you could encounter police in a way that puts you at risk. If you do, just remain silent and get in contact with your attorney right away. This increases the chances that you and your hydroponics garden will stay safe.

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