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Outdoor Growing for Summer Fun and Bigger Yields

Ready for some outdoor garden hiking fun? Ready for some outdoor garden hiking fun?

Been thinking of giving your indoor hydroponics grow room a rest and growing outdoors? Then come on a journey with me as I continue my series of articles about outdoor growing. After all, spring has sprung, the birds are singing, and I’m sliding down a hill head over heels, reveling in the joys of outdoor gardening as I tumble.

I finally skid to a stop against a tree, thankful I’m strapped to a massive backpack containing Sunshine Mix #4, dried kelp, water-holding crystals, and Heavy Harvest outdoor-specific, time-release fertilizer.

I pick myself up, suddenly aware that my hands sting. They lost some skin and have a little blood on them. I run an indoor hydroponics grow room, and it doesn’t injure me! So why the heck do I still want to grow outdoors?

Well…where I live it gets hot in the summer so I blow my sustainability budget on hydroponics grow room air-conditioning. Also, I enjoy having friends and family visit me during warm weather and it’s nice not having to explain that always-locked room.

I like to give my equipment a rest, air out the grow room, do upgrades. Growing outdoors sometimes makes sense, even if you’re an indoor hydroponics gardener at heart.

And let’s not forget that the light, air circulation, space and C02 are FREE outdoors!!

When I decided to grow outdoors, my big challenge was to find the right place to do it. An outdoor grow site must provide adequate sun, privacy, and grower access. I want a site that’s easy to get to, has a nearby constant water supply, and is protected against the vicious winds that are well known in my area.

In general, the best grow sites are in farmers’ fields (especially those that are abandoned), pastures without livestock, fertile land with small trees and shrubs that provide adequate cover but don’t impede sunlight, and areas near lakes, rivers or creeks (although you must be wary of intermittent flooding).

I didn’t have those site options, so I limited my site search to hilly land adjacent to my property. I wanted something within walking distance; driving back and forth to an outdoor grow site is a hassle.

When you’re on a grow mission, you want to look like a typical hiker. So I carry a pair of binoculars and a birdwatching book. If I encounter someone, I just say I’m looking for rare birds, all the while praying that nobody smells the bat guano in my backpack!

In some situations, you want to be hiking only during the evening. For example, when you’re carrying shovels, fencing, or plants that are hard to hide in a backpack, it’s best to hike at night so you don’t have to answer questions about your gear. I watch lunar charts and cloud cover to time my hikes to coincide with moonlight that helps me see rocks, vampires, landmarks, and other fun stuff.

In my next article, I’ll tell you more about what you’re looking for in a grow site for outdoors. Indoor hydroponics grow room gardening is fun and exciting, but outdoors you can grow larger plants, and the sun doesn’t charge you for its light. Look at our other info on outdoor growing, and happy hiking!

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