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Hydroponics Retailers and Online Hydroponics Stores

Loaded with new hydroponics fun! Loaded with new hydroponics fun!

By Chris Jefferson and SK

My buddy SK wrote me from his hydroponics garden in the North American hinterlands to tell of his adventures with hydroponics retailers. When SK gets to tap-tapping on his computer keyboard, he gives you a pretty good picture of what it feels like sometimes to be a hydroponics grower. Here’s his raw, uncensored report from the hydroponics equipment and supplies front lines…

“Chris, how’s it going? I read about your road trip trying to find Pro-Mix and it was like déjà vu all over again although it’s not really about Pro-Mix it’s about hydroponics stores in general. I could totally relate to you driving all over hell trying to find something you needed right away for your hydroponics plants. I bet you called the store and they said they had it and then they didn’t have it when you came in! Pay for my gas, dude, is what I would say!

I think what makes or breaks a lot of newbees and even experienced hydroponics growers is how they get on with their hydroponics store people and vice versa. I can’t think of too many other situations where the people who sell you stuff are so important to what you get. For the beginner grower especially it’s going to be a hydroponics store salesperson who provides the information you need to get yourself going, like, here get this or that, and why.

I think what makes or breaks a lot of newbees and even experienced hydroponics growers is how they get on with their hydroponics store people and vice versa.

What I say when I go to the hydroponics store is that I’m looking for everything I want or need to buy for my plants and then some. It is nice if these people are fanatics about hydroponics growing just like we are. I love it when I can get into an interesting useful discussion with the people at the store about the latest and best. I always want to find out stuff I didn’t know already. Now also I want the store to sell Advanced Nutrients items, the latest ones and all the best that will get me my biggest harvests. I don’t think a lot of people are aware that Advanced are not making just plant-specific nutrients any more. YOU are not doing your job, Chris. Ok so why have you not written about Advanced’s hydroponics ballasts, bulbs, C02, drying racks, pruners, sprayers, reflectors and all their other gear lately?? I am looking for a store that carries a big selection and obviously if it’s hydroponics and a store doesn’t have Advanced that’s a store I WILL NOT BUY FROM, PERIOD.

Sorry for the rant. Anyways I have had good shopping experiences with GrowSmart Indoor Garden which is located in southern Florida but I am not located there and I don’t like going to a hydroponics store in person anyway. I call those GrowSmart people up and I talk to the owner Shirley. She says it’s a family run business and she is very friendly and willing to make great suggestions. You can tell they are trying to get you the hydroponics goods you need all the way. They have more of everything hydroponics and they are fair in their pricing and shipping costs. You order online from them if you can’t go there in person and no matter where you are within a few minutes you will get your email confirmation and they have never failed me. They always send what I order and when they said they would send it, not later. Also check out the website - unlike the other online hydroponics stores this one gives you all the product information for that product. I also like it that thy lady tells me how she and her husband test the products all the time themselves so they know what’s working right and what isn’t for hydroponics growers.

The GrowSmart hydroponics store is the gold standard for hydroponics retailers, especially online hydroponics. The only downside is they make it too easy for me to get into an ordering frenzy because they have so much. Also check this out - they buy and sell used equipment, which is a great service to hydroponics people.

I love it when I can get into an interesting useful discussion with the people at the store about the latest and best.

That’s all for now, buddy. My advice for all hydroponics growers everywhere is shop where you are treated like a king.”

Thanks, SK. I won’t insist that a hydroponics retailer treat me like royalty, but I will ask all hydroponics growers to check out an article that also contains good hydroponics store information. And definitely reward hydroponics retail stores like GrowSmart who go the extra mile in price, selection, information, promptness and honesty. That’s what will make the hydroponics industry even stronger and more fun and productive for all of us.

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