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Security Monitoring for Your Hydroponics Garden

Watch your hydroponics garden while you’re away… Watch your hydroponics garden while you’re away… © RosebudMag.com

Hydroponics gardening is fun and rewarding, but sometimes you might feel like your plants are asking too much of you. It seems like you have to be in your hydroponics garden every day, or have someone to stand in for you, if you want assurance of hydroponics success.

And one of the main things that concerns you is how can you even leave your house or wherever else your garden is, and still be in the know on what’s going on back there under the lights.

You want to have a fun day at the beach, or you need to go to the hydroponics store for supplies, but there’s a nagging feeling that something important might escape your attention. It’s almost like the garden is an anchor around your neck.

One way to get rid of the anchor is to automate your garden as much as possible. You use various types of hardware and software to control light cycles, irrigation timing, nutrients application, air movement, C02, air exchange, temperature and all the other important factors your hydroponics plants need indoors.

We’ll talk about those strategies in a later article, but right now let’s focus on you being able to see what’s going on in and around your garden 24/7, pretty much from anywhere you are in the world.

What this involves is you using your computer linked to sophisticated but easy to install camera and audio systems so you can see and hear everything that’s happening, even when you’re thousands of miles away.

This is a step up from hardwired CCTV systems sold to you by security companies, although some of the same equipment is used. The big difference is that you purchase the software, install it on your computer, set the parameters, and then experience a huge amount of increased peace of mind.

Your increased peace of mind comes because the security system gives you real time access to live audio and video from many angles and locations in your hydroponics grow room and throughout your home or other gardening space.

You set the system so you can watch via the Internet, and so you can get email and cell phone alerts worldwide. These alerts will tell you if motion, new images or other important data has been captured by your monitoring equipment back at your hydroponics garden.

Along with being able to get your own security software so you can customize your settings, get remote access and hook up to your personally designed configuration of monitoring devices, you get to choose from a variety of disguisable, wireless, steerable, infrared and other types of cameras that can look like smoke detectors or other devices. This and many other features allow you to monitor your hydroponics garden without anyone knowing you are doing so.

You can check the Internet, The Spy Store and other sources for this kind of security monitoring equipment and software. but please be aware of the following:

One thing you want to inquire about anonymously before you buy any kind of security system is whether you have complete privacy control over what your monitoring system captures. Some companies sell you licensing or other services on a per month fee, or they make proprietary software and retain links to your system, or their software could have wormholes that allow others to burrow in and siphon data from your system- and you want to make sure that only you have access to your own system and all data at all times.

And as you know, any time you utilize the Internet, online servers, electronics and computer-stored hard drive data, none of those are totally secure, and no hard drive can be encrypted beyond penetration, so you have to balance the benefits of using that technology with the potential harms if that data could be or was accessed by others.

When you look into the issue of anonymization and data security by talking to companies and security experts (especially those who do not have a vested interest in telling you everything’s fine because they will make money off of you if your doubts are allayed), if you still feel that the benefits of computerized-camera-monitor security are outweighed by the potential risks to your privacy, then don’t get this kind of system.

There are interesting domestic aspects to having a sophisticated stealth security system to protect your hydroponics garden. One hydroponics gardener got an email alert of motion detection, and found that his wife was having sex with a neighbor. Another hydroponics grower found that his outdoor front of house camera had recorded someone vandalizing his customized truck.

Your hydroponics garden is important to you, and seeing is believing. When you have the ability to securely see and hear what’s happening with your hydroponics plants and their environment, you can relax and enjoy your time away from home.

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