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The Saga of Horsetail and Hydroponics

Horsetail plant Horsetail plant

When you look at your hydroponics plants and hydroponics nutrients, you see the direct connection between what you feed your plants and how they perform for your hydroponics needs.

In hydroponics as in human nutrition, we are what we eat. Garbage in, garbage out. Quality nutrition goes in; quality humans or plant blossoms come out. Pretty simple.

But when you look at hydroponics base nutrients formulas, you’re lucky if you see all 14 essential elements plants intake through their roots.

Some hydroponics base fertilizers don’t contain all the elements your plants need. Others contain the elements in the wrong forms, or are poorly manufactured, so your plants can’t get at all 14 essential nutrients.

And there’s another interesting thing as well- an essential plant nutrient that’s found in soil but not found in hydroponics base nutrients. It’s called silica, and it accounts for as much as 10% of plant mass.

Silica is important for your plants for many reasons, especially because it forms a foundation for hydroponics plant cells and tissues.

But you have to add silica to your hydroponics feed program in the right form for it to be absorbable, especially if you’re growing in coco, rockwool, aeroponics, aquaponics, hydroton, and other “sterile” root zone systems.

One way to focus on this is to consider a powerful healing perennial herb called Horsetail. This is a fun and easy plant to grow outdoors. It’s kind of like a fern, and it grows pretty big.

Horsetail loves to source silica and store it. And that’s why horsetail is such a great herbal healer- silica isn’t just great for your hydroponics plants, it’s great for us.

As you’d expect, silica that builds plant foundations also builds our foundation: our bones.

Not only that, but when you consume extra silica, you may be benefitting your kidneys, skin, tendons, ligaments and your ability to heal wounds.

Humans have used horsetail for thousands of years as a healing herb, primarily because its high silica content gives it medicinal value. They even used it as a primitive form of bristle brush, scrubber and a polisher for fine metals.

In today’s medicinal pharmacology, horsetail roots and leaves are used as extracts, teas, in capsules and as salves. It’s considered healing for kidney stones, urinary infections, wounds, bone density loss, brittle nails, and as a diuretic.

The hydroponics plants you grow need a lot of silica too, and when you consume those plants as food or medicine, you might also be gaining the healing benefits of silica.

What’s more, silica is a healing agent for your hydroponics plants. It promotes sturdiness so your plants can handle larger fruits and flowers.

Silica armors your plants so they better resist the sucking, biting and other evils of wicked predators such as mites, thrips, gnats, and whiteflies that can suck the life and yield out of your hydroponics garden.

Not only that, but silica strengthens your plants internally and in their exterior cell walls so your hydroponics plants are better able to resist extremes of temperature, drought and light intensity.

So now you know the tale of horsetail and how it relates to your hydroponics gardening. Use a formula like Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin to provide necessary silica to your hydroponics crops, and feel the healing effect for yourself and your plants.

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