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Three Hydroponics Gardening Myths You Can Discard!

Myths are fun, but they don’t fly. Myths are fun, but they don’t fly. © RosebudMag.com

One reason hydroponics gardening is so fun is that hydroponics growers are like a club… people from all over the world who meet in person or via the Internet to discuss their passion for hydroponics growing.

But as within any group, some people spread information they sincerely believe is right, but it just isn’t right.

In hydroponics gardening, there are many of these urban garden legends that persist, and cost you faster growth and bigger yields. Let’s take on three of them right now, and get them out of the way for you.

Myth Number One: Immediately trim off light green or yellowing leaves during bloom phase.

This myth comes from the same place that mowing your lawn three times a week comes from. It’s a neat and clean approach that assumes that all leaves have to be the exact same lime green color, and if they’re not, they should be removed.

Yes, leaf color and appearance are indicators of plant health, especially in the first 75% of your plants’ life. And you don’t need brown, curled up, dead leaves on your plants or piling up in your grow room.

But by the time you’re getting into the last half of bloom phase, it’s natural for your plants to have a few yellowing leaves. Why is that?

What’s happening is your plants are using up nutrients and sugars stored in their leaves. If you remove those leaves early, you lose the nutritive value of those leaves, forcing your plants to expend extra energy and metabolism.

Just shake your plants lightly every day during the final weeks of bloom phase. The leaves that fall off are the ones to remove from your garden. Let the rest of them hang on until your plants have sucked all the juice out of them that they can!

Myth Number Two: Pour honey, molasses or sugar into your root zone.

Some growers believe that adding honey, molasses or sugar to their root zone will transfer sweet stuff into your plants to create better-tasting, nicer-smelling harvests.

Too bad it doesn’t work that easily. Most of those substances don’t absorb well into your roots at all, but they provide a wonderful environment for harmful pathogens. They also clog your irrigation systems.

And most molasses has sulfur in it; this can screw up your nutrients absorption.

Hydroponics scientists have researched and designed bloom phase additives that send complex carbohydrates, taste-boosters and aroma-enhancers into your plants without fouling your root zone or hydroponics systems. These products contain forms of "sweetners" and other enhancers that have been specially engineered for your plants. Use those products, and leave the sticky stuff on your cereal.

Myth Number Three: Extreme heat, light and drought result in higher-value harvests.

Some growers believe it's "No pain, no gain," when it comes to growing their hydroponics plants. They think that subjecting plants to extremes will toughen the plants and cause them to increase essential oils production...but it doesn't work like that.

What your plants really need from you is to be fed an optimized mixture of immediately-absorbable nutrients, additives that boost taste and aroma, and pure water.

They also need predictable 12-hour light cycles providing the kind of light spectrum that duplicates the autumn sun. Temperature and humidity should be in the optimum range that you’ve provided all along.

Creating artificially-induced harsh conditions for your plants does not help them give you the size and quality of harvests you hope for.  All it does is cause them to expend extra energy handling needless stress..energy that could have gone to making your flowers bigger and more valuable.

So there you have it: three myths that are among the many that pervade the hydroponics community. We will puncture more hydroponics myths in future RosebudMag.com articles. Happy Growing!

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