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Women in Hydroponics: A Growing Trend

Deonna Marie brings female flowering to higher levels! Deonna Marie brings female flowering to higher levels! RosebudMag.com

The role of women in hydroponics gardening and the hydroponics industry is changing fast.

In the distant past, women were relegated to the realm of being post-harvest trimmers or behind the scenes assistants.

The vast majority of growers were males, as were the vast majority of hydroponics entrepreneurs, retail storeowners and spokespersons.

Hydroponics magazines, advertisements and media representations catered to this mostly-male demographic by providing the same kinds of images of women that you find in other media that cater to a mostly male audience.

And after all, the latest demographic profiles for hydroponics growers still describe the majority of hydroponics growers as males, between the ages of 18-45, who are into freedom-loving, independent, intelligent, socially-conscious, and upwardly mobile.

But these demographics also note a growing number of females in the hydroponics industry and among the ranks of growers.

All you have to do is look at Rosebud magazine’s Deonna Marie, a professional model and hydroponics retailer who stunned readers in the May 2010 issue of Rosebud.

Now slated to bring her visual power and hydroponics expertise to wider audiences via professional video productions, while also writing a monthly column for Rosebud, Deonna Marie is but one example of the way dynamic women are changing the face of hydroponics.

And with the growing acceptance of hydroponics gardening in many states, we see moms and others embracing the hydroponics lifestyle.

In traditional indigenous cultures, women were usually the gender most associated with raising, tending and harvesting plants and trees for food.

This dovetailed with early pre-monotheistic, pre-male-dominated religions that viewed females as goddesses- living emblems of the blessings that Mother Earth bestow on us.

The late religious scholar Joseph Campbell and others have documented and publicized how earth goddesses and women’s special role in fertility, food and agriculture used to be much more highly valued than they are today.

Indeed, the folklore, sociocultural analysis and anthropology of female involvement in domestic, home-supporting agriculture reinforce the idea that women are more nurturing than men. It’s not sexist to say it. In fact, it’s a compliment.

As the anthropologists reveal, when female goddesses and the earth goddess were predominant motifs in society, there were less wars, more social cohesion, and more respect for family and children.

As male-god religions took over from matriarchy and goddess worship, a “dominator mentality” engulfed humans, resulting in a more violent, less eco-friendly human ethic.

And in light of the fact that hydroponics growers prefer only the female gender in their hydroponics plants, we can agree that hydroponics gardening is a horticultural renaissance of female goddess worship.

In practical terms, more than a few male hydroponics gardeners found that their female partners are more tuned in to the needs and health of hydroponics plants.

With greater attention to detail, the “maternal impulse,” and an enhanced sense of patience and caring, women are reported to be especially more capable of sensing when plants are distressed, as well as more attentive to grow room hygiene and orderliness.

Deonna Marie now writes a monthly column in Rosebud print magazine, and has gained the attention of international media. Other female hydroponics growers and hydropreneurs are stepping forward as well.

Perhaps someday soon, a new demographic profile of hydroponics growers and the hydroponics lifestyle will emerge. Women and men may be more equally represented…and the hydroponics industry will be even more inclusive and amazing than it already is!

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