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Get the Bodybuilding Secret that Puts Maximum Yield Muscle On Your Hydroponics Buds

She can work out in my hydroponics urban garden any time! She can work out in my hydroponics urban garden any time!

Bodybuilders know something that hydroponics growers can use…and it’s a proven way for you to bulk up your urban garden plants so they break the scales for maximum yield and quality.

Let’s start with that persistently wrong idea promoted by a few uninformed hydroponics growers that says your plants will get what they need from any fertilizer or good soil, so why should you use specialty hydroponics nutrients that give you faster growth and maximum yield.

First off, we all know that your plants will probably grow if you give them a basic amount of nutrients and a decent environment.

Problem is, they for sure won’t grow and yield at maximum levels. You’ll be investing lots of time and money, but you won’t be getting hydroponics maximum yield…not even close.

You see how this works by looking at the world of professional bodybuilding.

Imagine two genetically comparable athletes training the exact same way for a bodybuilding competition. The only difference is one of them eats a “normal” diet while the other eats a specially-designed diet and takes quality bodybuilding supplements.

All other things being equal, you’ve got no doubt the guy on the specialized nutrition program is building more muscle, he’s more cut, has way less fat, and wins way more prizes.

If you’re a bodybuilder or other type of athlete, you already realize how hydroponics and bodybuilding have lots of similarities.

Start with the fact that bodybuilders have a base nutrition program consisting of specially-selected food that builds muscle, provides extra energy and reduces fat.

In the same way, you as a hydroponics grower feed your urban garden plants base nutrients that provide a foundation of the 14 essential elements your plants need for baseline growth.

But it gets even better…the most successful bodybuilders use supplements including creatine, branched chain amino acids, protein powder, nitric oxide (NOX), human growth hormone, synthetic testosterone, glutamine, ribose, and electrolytes.

You’ve probably heard bodybuilding supplement combos referred to as “the stack” and here’s the connection between bodybuilding and bud-building: When you use bloom boosters, root enhancers, carbohydrates and other supplements in your hydroponics garden, you’re going far beyond what nature or “regular” fertilizers and soil could ever do for you so you bulk your buds for massive maximum yield.

Because let’s face it, you’re not growing your hydroponics urban garden the “natural” way…you’re growing for maximum yield and value.

You having massively developed flowers loaded with punch and profitability is no more “natural” than you building huge, powerful biceps that are the size of most guys’ legs!

Your goal is to provide extra C02, an ideal grow room environment, plenty of light, potent base nutrients and your hydroponics supplements stack so your flowers swell up and lay on more than “natural” amounts of essential oils, taste compounds and aromatics.

But there’s one thing you need to remember when you’re using the hydroponics base and stack approach to get maximum yield, and it’s the same as in the bodybuilding nutrition industry, you want to be real careful about what you choose when it comes to your hydroponics nutrition program.

Because most hydroponics feed programs aren’t designed by people who understand the need for precision balancing 14 essential elements with carbohydrates, vitamins, fractionated plant extracts, plant stimulators, root boosters and other stack supplements that bulk your flowers and rev your hydroponics plants’ metabolism for more harvests per year.

So now you’ve got the real story about how a bodybuilder’s stack secret connects to your hydroponics fertilizers and supplements. When you’re looking to bust the weight limits, reel in maximum yield and impress the heck out of your friends…give your plants the hydroponics nutrients equivalent of the stack!

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