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Pushing Yourself to Get More From Your Hydroponics Gardening

Beautiful flowers and hydroponics go together. Beautiful flowers and hydroponics go together.

I had a conversation with a hydroponics grower who was offended after seeing a video that criticized using the best base nutrients and supplements to get the biggest yields in your hydroponics garden.

If you analyze the video, it was apparently made by an anonymous, amateurish and annoyingly smarmy clandestine employee of a hydroponics company that makes very simplistic, untested and basic fertilizers.

The video attempts to discourage hydroponics growers from using sophisticated, modern, bigger-yielding hydroponics nutrients systems that are based on scientific testing in the kinds of hydroponics gardens you grow in.

It was basically a sarcastic, unintelligent and confusing bunch of gunk that tries to argue against the common sense and scientifically proven fact that your hydroponics plants give you your biggest yields when you give them specialized nutrition at the right times during bloom phase.

The grower who brought the misinforming video to my attention told me he used to grow crops using only simple Botanicare fertilizers, combined with generic potting soil and a 400-watt light.

He didn’t have spectacular or even excellent results, but at the time, he had nothing to compare it with so it was ok with him. Something was better than nothing, he said.

When he got onto the internet and started looking at bigger and more productive hydroponics gardens, he realized that he was missing out.

“I resisted it at first because all my life I’ve had a block against trying to push myself to be better at something. I have always had the attitude of just doing enough to get by. I got cut from the football team and lost a girlfriend because of it. Low self-esteem, I guess.”

But he was motivated to get more from his hydroponics gardening and this made him get more into hydroponics in depth. What he found out is that you can get more from your crops when you understand that they need different types of nutrition at different times.

The grower invested in a 1000-watt light, Pro-Mix, a higher-level pH meter and an Advanced Nutrients feed program consisting of Sensi two-part base nutrients, Bud Factor X, Big Bud, Bud Candy, Voodoo Juice and Overdrive.

This was a big step for him and he seemed almost ashamed to admit that he’d called Advanced Nutrients tech support several times, which I assured him is nothing to be ashamed of…I do the same thing by calling my computer manufacturer’s tech support whenever I want to upgrade my computer’s performance or hardware.

I also advised him to be proud of himself for the fact that he actually read all the research materials ahead of time. He wasn’t just buying and using products because he saw them or heard about them. He read the research materials that indicated how things worked for his hydroponic plants.

For example, he read about how beneficial microbes are missing from hydroponics root zones and what beneficial microbes can do for your roots. He had no idea what this all meant, so he talked to his friend who is a college biology professor.

She told him that it is true that beneficial microbes are a natural part of healthy root zones that protects your plants, increases their growth rates and stimulates yields.

Based on this information and other information, he bought the package of base nutrients and supplements, including Voodoo Juice beneficial microbes

Getting on the path to increased hydroponics gardening success!

To his surprise and pleasure, he found that doing more than simplistic fertilizing with the Botanicare stuff, actually stretching his mind to get more knowledge…was an enjoyable way to spend his time, and it worked wonders for his plants.

“It taught me the value of being open-minded, of not going for what seems easy, and that if I pushed myself to do better, I could. It also made my plants 100% more happy and healthy.”

Today, he is getting way more from his plants than he ever would have using his previous approach and is proud to have the knowledge, hydroponics equipment and success skills to help other growers go up the ladder to bigger hydroponics yields.

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