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Hydroponics Gardening and Endangered Species

Air pollution = endangered species Air pollution = endangered species

As hydroponics gardeners who love plants, we recognize that climate change, destruction of ecosystems, overpopulation and other factors cause extinctions of irreplaceable plants and animals.

Indeed, many hydroponics farmers preserve biodiversity by creating, trading and storing specialty genetics for the most productive and useful plants nature has created.

It is ironic to note that ethnobotanists are constantly discovering new plants that have medicinal and other uses that benefit humans at the same time biologists are learning that dozens of plant and animal species are going extinct every month.

According to the Center for Biological Diversity, naturally-occurring extinction happens at the rate of about one to five species per year. But human activities have revved up extinctions to such an extent that as many as 30-50% of all non-human plant and animal species may be extinct within a few decades.

What this means for you as hydroponics gardener is that the gene pool of biodiversity for plants and trees that produce medicines, herbs, fruits, nuts and vegetables is shrinking rapidly.

This limits your choices in what you can grow, and also threatens the overall chain of life that produces oxygen, food, fresh water, C02 sequestration shelter and other factors that make earth habitable for humans and non-human animals.

The Center’s eminent scientists and policy analysts note that of the 12,151 plant species catalogued by science, at least 70 percent are facing imminent or possible extinction.

It’s almost like we as hydroponics growers can view ourselves as creating a Noah’s Ark of hydroponic gardens and farms that preserve plant genetics and serve as breeding grounds for specialty genetics that give us stronger, more productive plants, keeping some plant off the endangered species list.

Our plant friends definitely need hydroponics growers as allies. Why? The Center points out that plants can’t run away and relocate to a new home as their habitat is destroyed, as animals can.

It’s interesting to note that the Center for Biological Diversity often stands alone among the major “environmental” organizations because it has a more candid, scientific and uncompromising stance regarding the causes and solutions for the ongoing and ever-increasing loss of earth’s natural systems and species.

And not only is the Center’s message noticeably more forthright than what you hear from most environmental organizations, its effectiveness is also seen as more powerful and on point.

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The Center uses a team of passionate attorneys and top-ranked scientists, as well as petitions, public outreach, regulatory savvy and in your face media presence to score key, specific victories that stop the destruction of wilderness, animals and plants.

As hydroponics gardeners who know the miracle of life from watching our gardens grow, we share a common goal with groups like the Center for Biological Diversity as they fight for clean air, clean water, and the rights of plants to not become endangered species. Check them out at: www.biologicaldiversity.org.

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