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Top Hydroponics Journalist Gives You Urban Garden Insider Info

Hydroponics Journalist Erik Biksa Hydroponics Journalist Erik Biksa

When you’re dreaming of bigger, better, more profitable harvests, you want primo hydroponics information so your urban garden gives you maximum yield and enjoyment.

But where do you go for that reliable, cutting edge hydroponics information?

It’s ironic and interesting that although hydroponics is an ancient art, there are only two hydroponics writers who’ve earned worldwide respect providing you how-to hydroponics information for many years.

One of them is hydroponics legend Dr. Howard Resh (featured in the May issue of Rosebud magazine), whose hydroponics books and hydroponics farming projects are internationally lauded.

The other is a far younger man…a hydrojournalist whose work during the past decade brought you insider reports from the evolving, dynamic world of hydroponics gardening.

His name is Erik Biksa, and if you’re a savvy grower who has been keeping up with hydroponics urban garden trade publications, you’re very familiar with his work.

“Erik is a unique talent in the hydroponics world,” explains Michael “Big Mike” Straumietis, the pioneering hydroponics inventor and plant scientist who co-founded Advanced Nutrients. “He has access to the latest hydroponics equipment, supplies, nutrients and techniques because he’s built great relationships with manufacturers, retailers and hydroponics growers.”

Straumietis says Biksa’s ability to get you maximum yield from your urban garden is why he asked Biksa to provide hydroponics how-to exclusively in Rosebud magazine, in affiliated videos, and soon…in a major book that insiders are already saying will be “The Bible” of hydroponics growing.

“Biksa’s upcoming book is just what we need,” explains Rosebud hydroponics grower and expert Chris Jefferson. “The current hydroponics and indoor horticulture books are outdated, hard to understand, error-prone, or incomplete. Biksa tells us his book is being researched with the assistance of top plant scientists, professional photographers and grandmaster hydroponics growers. It’s guaranteed to be the most accurate, easy to use, and maximum yield producing hydroponics book ever written.”

You get  maximum yield hydroponics advice from Erik Biksa- only in Rosebud  magazineYou get maximum yield hydroponics advice from Erik Biksa- only in Rosebud magazineAccording to Biksa, writing about hydroponics comes from his passion for gardening and for establishing a bond with other growers through his writing.

He describes hydroponics growers as free-thinking, self-motivated people with high intelligence and a curiosity about the natural world.


“My travels on the road visiting with hydroponics industry insiders and local growers has gifted me some really incredible experiences. One experience really stands out in my mind,” Biksa recalls.  “During a trip to a San Francisco tradeshow I enjoyed one of the tastiest tomatoes I’ve ever experienced. Many moons later while visiting Santa Cruz I was introduced to a local grower and soon realized he had produced that superlative tomato I had enjoyed in San Francisco! We have been good friends ever since.”

Biksa says he decided to give his talents and assistance exclusively to Rosebud readers because “Rosebud is the magazine that’s taking hydroponics publications in a bold direction with a new approach.  I feel that to grow as a writer and individual, it’s time for me to try something fresh and different- Rosebud is the perfect fit.”

When we asked Biksa what kinds of information Rosebud readers can count on from him, he quickly began reeling off tip after tip to increase maximum yield in your hydroponics urban garden. Here are three of them:

* Taking your hydroponics urban garden temperature reading above the plant canopy or having your temperature controller on the wall rather than in the plant canopy is one of the more common mistakes made by growers.  Do yourself a big favour- use thermometers or temperature controllers that have a good length of probe coming from the main unit.  This way you can monitor and control the temperature in the plant canopy, where it really counts.

* Growers who encounter powdery mildew think that they need to run the urban garden humidity at 40% or less to control or prevent it.  Big mistake.  Your plants are actually more susceptible to powdery mildew in very dry growing environment.  It weakens plant tissue, making it more "brittle" and therefore susceptible to powdery mildew infections.  Keeping your relative humidity at 50-60% works best for most strains.

*Pulling off all of the fan leaves is another mistake some growers make.  Some leaf pruning is beneficial but if you pull ALL the leaves off, the plant is going to spend time and energy to develop new ones. This robs the plant of energy that could be channelled into giving your largest and most valuable harvests. The fan leaves are energy factories and storage facilities.  Sure, it's useful to pluck a few off here and there if they are shading productive growth sites on the plant- just don't strip them all off.

So there you have it, friends…one of the few bona fide hydroponics experts alive today is writing exclusively for Rosebud so you get maximum yield from your hydroponics urban garden. And for sure we’ll keep you posted when we get advance copies of Biksa’s groundbreaking hydroponics how-to book.

Erik Biksa gives you maximum yield hydroponics information via interesting video lessons


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