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Maximum Yield Oxygen For Your Hydroponics Urban Garden

Your hydroponics roots need oxygen. Your hydroponics roots need oxygen.

Your hydroponics urban garden benefits from added C02 to give you maximum yield, but many hydroponics growers don’t realize that C02 benefits hydroponic plants because it provides oxygen along with carbon for increased photosynthesis.

What’s more, your urban garden hydroponics plants need to intake significant quantities of oxygen through their roots.

When you increase the amount of oxygen available to your hydroponics roots, your plants grow faster and give you maximum yield.

Providing more oxygen to your hydroponic plants via their roots starts when you choose what your roots will grow in.

Properly-run aeroponics, aquaponics, and NFT systems inherently give you highly-oxygenated hydroponics root zones.  Your roots hang out in air or water, and if your system is run properly, lots of oxygen is inherently available to your urban garden roots.

If you choose to grow your hydroponics plants in solid root zone media, you use quality forms of rockwool, coco coir, sphagnum moss, hydroton, and other substances to get oxygenation for maximum yield.

When you properly condition, install and water these forms of root zone media, they have the right porosity, water-holding and water-releasing abilities that your plants need.

But if you overwater or underwater these very same media types, they will not be able to provide your plants the right mix of oxygenation and moisture that create ideal root zones.

You increase your hydroponics oxygen delivery by using an aerator or pump in your hydroponics reservoir.

Your water temperature is also important. The ideal is for your hydroponics urban garden plants to have oxygenated, aerated nutrient water at a constant 69F. Warmer water holds and provides less oxygen; water over 80F can harm your roots, as can water under 63F.

Please note that plant growth problems that you might believe are from nutrient deficiencies or plant diseases could actually be caused by root zone oxygen deprivation and/or nutrients water temperature problems.

If your plants have drooping or curling leaves, or yellowing leaves (especially in new growth), it might be a sign of oxygen deprivation. Check to make sure all other plant problems causes are eliminated…if your nutrients, pH, ppm, grow room climate and plant hygiene are all ideal, then look to your nutrients water temperature and/or water oxygenation as a possible cause of urban garden problems.

You won’t see as dramatic positive results from adding oxygenation to your root zone as you see from C02 enhancement that delivers more C02 to your urban garden leaves.

Your roots should look so healthy!

If you use heat-reduction C02 devices such as the Cool Flame water-cooled, safety-enhanced C02 generator, you’ll get higher concentrations of C02 with less heat and electricity cost while also getting faster growth and larger yields.

But providing adequate oxygen to your urban garden roots is also important and sometimes overlooked. Avoid overwatering, aerate your nutrients water, and let your hydroponics plant roots breathe in lots of oxygen. Oxygenating the root zone, along with professionalized hydroponics techniques, gives you your maximum yield.

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