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Foreclosure, Short Sales, Mortgages and Home Ownership for Hydroponics Growers

Use foreclosure and short sales to cash in on a new home for your hydroponics gardening. Use foreclosure and short sales to cash in on a new home for your hydroponics gardening.

Finding a perfect place to live and grow is always a challenge, especially if you’re a renter, but when you’re a hydroponics gardener looking to run a grow room wherever you choose to live, you have to be extra careful and choosy.

First of all, with the housing market collapsed, short sales and foreclosures growing like weeds, and home prices low nationwide, you might ask yourself why rent when you can probably buy for the same amount of monthly cost.

You can rent a 2-bedroom house for $1000 a month, or you can buy a home for $1200 a month. Depending on the details of your mortgage financing, job security, credit history, family size and lifestyle, buying a home offers several distinct advantages compared to renting.

The most obvious advantage you get is that there’s no landlord to invade your privacy. Landlords are often among the most pernicious, nosy and ruinous people you can interact with when you want privacy and peace of mind. Laws give them the right to visit where you live on short notice, often 24 hours is all that’s required.

If you need repairs and the landlord is paying for them, you have to allow the landlord and/or any of his/her hirelings into your home.

If you make modifications to a rental home (and modifications are usually necessary if you’re an indoor hydroponics gardener), the landlord or his hirelings may notice the modifications, and you may have to pay for them to be repaired when you move out.

Landlords can seriously disrupt your life and your plants’ growing seasons by exercising their legal right to give you 30 days notice that they are forcing you to vacate the premises.

After all, landlords own the property and if they can’t make their mortgage payments, want to sell the house, or want to move into it themselves, who are you to stand in their way. Hey, it’s not like all landlords are evil people, they are just people who can take away your hydroponics garden’s continuity and productivity at a moment’s notice, because of their own business interests.

So say for example that you are a hydroponics grower and you are thinking of buying a home instead of renting. Or maybe you already own a home but are thinking of buying a second home, or selling your current home to get a different home.

If you intend to continue your hydroponics gardening, or maybe even expand its scope and meaning in your life while at the same time contemplating a different place to live and garden, you want to do a careful and thorough analysis of your financial situation, the amount and type of indoor space you want for your hydroponics garden, the heating/air conditioning/venting/electrical/plumbing infrastructure you want for your hydroponics gardening and other factors that would give you your ideal hydroponics environment.

Home ownership makes you and your hydroponics plants very happy.

There are other considerations as well, such as the type of neighborhood you want to live in, how much land you want around your house, utility costs, water quality and other factors.

We’ll talk more about these topics in future articles, but given the drop in home prices and the increasing number of bargain homes and mortgages you can find due to the foreclosure crisis, it’s a good time to consider buying a home that will improve life for you and your hydroponics garden.

And of the main things to focus on is that hydroponics gardening can help pay for your new home…so that’s a reason to keep gaining hydroponics knowledge and investing in hydroponics infrastructure. Hydroponics pays off in many ways!

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Last modified on Friday, 22 October 2010 21:21

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