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  Crop lighting is one often one of the most misunderstood and misapplied technologies in the indoor gardening community. It is one of those topics where the saying “a little knowledge is a very dangerous thing” couldn't ring more true. In an industry awash with “arm chair experts,” it's good…
  Have a look at these cool pieces of grow gear from a few issues back, courtesy of Rosebud Magazine’s resident grower guru, Erik Biksa. Useful information and tips for your hydroponics indoor grow room from a bonafide expert.
  California is home 
to a number of hydroponics entrepreneurs, but one in particular got our attention recently. Growzay’s is a simple system for the do-it-yourself backyard gardener, designed to make crop rotation easier. Rather than having one big 4-by-8-foot grow bed, Growzay’s employs 30-inch troughs, perfect for growers who…
  Check out this cool gear for all you outdoor growers who are roughing it in the wilderness in order to bring your delicious crops to market. Your hard work is well worth it, but that hard work is made a little easier when you have the right equipment. Grower…
Water. Most of our cellular composition, and that of the crops we grow, consists of water. In fact, the overwhelming majority of our planet consists of water, yet it is one of the most overlooked and underestimated factors when it comes to growing success.
  Staying cool is important not only for you, but for your hydroponics indoor grow room. Check out these tips from Rosebud Magazine's resident grower guru, Erik Biksa, and get your grow room to the right temperature.
  When it comes to HYDROPONIC systems, North American Hydroponics set themselves a cut above the competition. To start with, the folks responsible for the system are aeronautical and astronautical engineers.
  Professional and amateur growers alike know the joy of sharing our babies with friends and family. Anyone who uses social media may be aware that Instagram is currently the top dog of photo-sharing applications, and for good reason — the intuitive free app has great filters and allows us…
Check out some of these numbers of special interest to growers both indoors and outdoors. Summer is coming to a close, but many of us still face hot days to come. Here are some numbers associated with the challenges and pleasures growers face when the sun is blazing. We promise…
  Q: Dear Erik, I’ve heard all the arguments about hydro versus organic. We grow hydro because growth rates and yield are great, plus the system uses grow rocks in pots on drip trays. The bonus is everything is totally reusable. We pull out the old roots, clean up the…

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