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We all want to grow the biggest, most valuable flowers, and that means you’ve probably used bloom boosters. Problem is, there are dozens of hydroponics bloom booster products and their manufacturers all claim that their products will tip the scales to give you the heavies you want. How can you…
Hydroponics gardening often involves high-tech equipment and generates substantial profits for you. Times are hard, and people may try to take your hydroponics plants, equipment, freedom or money. That’s why I’m writing this series of hydroponics gardening security articles. Some techniques for protecting your hydroponics investment include:
Winter is here and it’s a time when hydroponics growers should evaluate their indoor gardening procedures and equipment settings to match the realities presented by colder outdoor weather.
When you feast your eyes on big, bushy, mega-flower hydroponics plants, you might wonder if they naturally grow that way, or if a hydroponics gardening technique helped shape them. Here’s the answer: except in the rare cases when the strain’s genetics naturally tend towards bushiness, hydroponics plants go bushy because…
Growers often ask about basic general hydroponics equipment and indoor gardening tactics that are guaranteed to create healthier, faster-growing plants that give you more flower per watt and put smiles on your face every harvest.
Little thieves can creep into your hydroponics garden to steal the harvests you so desire. Among the most evil of these pesky criminals are fungus gnats: grayish-black flying pests that can live mostly in the hydroponics root zone, and especially in the top few inches of your root zone, even…
Several years ago I was talking with hydroponics pioneer Michael “Big Mike” Straumietis, the co-founder of Advanced Nutrients. More precisely, he was talking to me, and I was listening. That’s the smartest thing you can do when you’re with Big Mike. He’s a guy whose brain paces like a champion…
Hydroponics growers ask a lot about coco coir versus rockwool for ebb and flow and drip irrigation hydroponics gardens. It’s one of the most frequent questions I get and the first thing I tell hydroponics gardeners is that Grodan, the premier manufacturer of hydroponics rockwool, has stepped up its game…
Until four years ago I had no idea how to use hydroponics surfactant formulas that are the easiest way to get faster growth and bigger yields without spending extra money on more nutrients. In fact, because surfactants transfer more nutrients into your plants faster, they make your nutrients program more…
When you consider what your indoor hydroponics urban garden plants must have in order to give you maximum yield, one of the first things that comes to mind is hydroponics grow lights.

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