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Successful gardeners who grow high-value plants understand the importance of an automated ventilation system. In order for any indoor garden to work, a ventilation system of some sort must be in place to bring in fresh air and to control temperature and humidity. 
Every indoor grower has done battle with disease. It can set you back a season or even worse. The hydroponics industry offers many solutions and preventions that can help battle pesky problems such as botrytis and powdery mildew, but there’s a novel technology making its way to North America that…
In order to maintain optimal growing conditions and produce tasty consumables, growers must understand the basics of flushing.The problem most growers face is the overwhelming amount of information and misinformation on flushing.
  Drying your crop is a notorious failure point for many new growers (and some experienced ones, too). I have felt that burn several times myself. After two weeks of cloning, eight weeks of vegetative growth, and up to 12 weeks to flower, a poor job drying can leave you…
There's nothing like a little competition and for food growers the grocery store is ground zero. Hydroponics hit the ground running after entering mainstream culture only a few decades ago, proving a worthy adversary to the behemoth that is traditional agriculture.
  One of the most common misconceptions regarding an indoor garden’s wiring is that a grower can save up to 50% on the electric bill by switching from 120 volts to 240 volts.
If you have been to your local hydroponic store lately and noticed a few popular items missing from the shelves, you’re not going crazy. Most stores have voluntarily removed at least five plant supplements from their shelves. And while there has been a lot of chatter on message boards about…
  Beneficial bacteria are not a base food for your plants. A lot of folks see these higher-priced items at the hydro store and think, “Is that really needed?”
Lately, more and more people—growers, consumers, manufacturers and many others—are learning the value of organics. Growers are undoubtedly more wary of applying synthetic chemicals than we were a decade ago, and consumers increasingly prefer natural products. Well, there’s one company in the hydroponics community that was way ahead of the…
  All growers looking to set up a hydroponic system are confronted with the same looming question: what grow medium should I use? It is important to consider the type of hydroponic system the grower plans on using as some media are more compatible with certain systems than others. Before…

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