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Outdoor Growing Necessities: An Ounce of Preparation is Worth Pounds of Yield

Put your back into it. Your effort will reap a wonderful yield if you do things right. Put your back into it. Your effort will reap a wonderful yield if you do things right.


It’s that time of year again, when we get to grow outside in the warm, sunny weather. If you’re like me, you’d rather spend your summer at your growing site or at the pool than waste quality daylight hours in the hydroponics shop. That’s why I’m going to go over the equipment and accessories that will make your entire outdoor grow season a fun and profitable one. These products will ensure a great grow from start to finish — and also make the process a little easier.

First, decide what size container you’re going to need. When using pots outdoors, I suggest getting the biggest ones available. Even a 55-gallon trash can is a good choice.

If you decide to go the old school way by just planting directly in the ground, make sure that your plants are at least five feet apart so they will get enough light as they get bigger through the growing cycle. Dig holes about two-feet-by-two-feet and two feet deep, layer 2-3 inches of hydroton at the bottom for better drainage, and then fill the hole with a soil of your choice.

Next, let’s get your nutrients picked out. I’ve used Heavy Harvest in the past, but this year I’m going to switch to Jungle Juice 2-Part from Advanced Nutrients. The switch to liquid fertilizer might take a little more effort this season, but it offers control that you just can’t get with a time-release pellet fertilizer. I love relaxing during summertime, but I’ll happily trade a few hours rest for healthier plants and bigger yields.

Now is a good time to prepare your stakes as well. Your plants may be small right now, but as they grow they’re going to need extra support for all those heavy flowers. Six-foot bamboo stakes are what I use. Just imagine your crop growing straight upward like a tree!

And while you are preparing, stock up on natural pest control that you will certainly need as your crop starts to look extra-delicious come high summer. I even prepare a tarp to protect from the heavy rains that can come late during the blooming season.

With all that done, I’m ready to enjoy summer like a kid at camp. And more importantly, I know I’ll be able to enjoy my outdoor crop come autumn harvest time.

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If you want to plant outdoors, you’ll have to dig a hole.
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